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I've heard the saying about the journey being as gratifying an experience as arriving at the destination. My review of Tamra follows in similar fashion, with everything about this restaurant's decor and ambiance built as a prelude to the food that awaits… you have to visit the new all-day dining restaurant at Shangri-La's Eros to believe it! I'm not easily impressed but here I was gazing open-mouthed at copper [tamra]—themed installation above a table shielded by mirrors to magnify the effect and five segregated interactive live kitchens spread out across the huge restaurant… planter boxes lined with wheat grass and canopy crafted with rolling pins… rustic slated timber counter bulkheads and chic colourful tiles! Serving Asian, Continental and Indian cuisine, Tamra takes dining to the next level with its 'world on your platter' concept… with chefs from across Asia whipping up succulent dishes on teppanayaki grills (separate ones for vegan and meat), butcher's block and spectacular oven that whips up soft croissant.


Taking a table by the window overlooking the pool and lush foliage, my friends and I began luncheon with a guava-based welcome drink which was artistically presented in a mug named 'TikiTiki'. It was just so cute! We then ordered a platter of sushi and sashimi and the chef served exceptional tuna roll, grilled eel roll, cuttle fish and sea urchin which we dipped in soya sauce, and immediately entered "food heaven" with our first bites. If you are a sushi lover, the Japanese live kitchen is one you don't want to miss! Though I was tempted to go with 'Marinated Cod' or 'Salmon Teriyaki' from the Teppanayaki station… this was a review so I chose to try something from each counter to get a feel. We headed to the salad bar and I requested the chef to whip up a bespoke salad — the smooth blend of garlic croutons, romaine lettuce, charred asparagus, feta, cherries tomatoes, red onion and balsamic emulsion was positively refreshing accompanied by a shot of beet root and celery juice!! We weren’t even halfway through the meal and I had a positive feeling about Tamra's unbridled success so we raised a toast to this feel with 'Plum City' — a potent mix of plum-infused rum, pineapple juice, lime and almond syrup. i must point out here that while too many bartenders are getting away with good cocktails, this one evoked the lip-smacking ‘mwah.' Way to go! We then walked over and chose 'Achari Jhinga', 'Aambedi Fish Tikka' and 'Paneer Lifafa' from the grills which the chef sent over to our table — the prawns with homemade pickle rub was grilled to perfection as was the river sole with raw mango rub; my friends, who are vegetarian, mentioned the malai paneer with pickled dry nuts and a hint of saffron was delicious too!


Time flew by as we sipped cocktails and caught up with what’s hot in the city and then chose to go with entrees from the Asian counter. I chose steamed rice and when I rolled back the cover of the next chafing dish, I had no idea this was going to be a defining entree — wok tossed prawns in hot garlic sauce. Sounds simple but the fresh, flavourful, spicy prawns were satiating and stimulating. To bring our meal to a satisfying coda, especially for those of us who get puppy-dog eyes at the mention of sweets, the dessert bar has creme brûlée and chocolate lava cake that pushes all the buttons. The gourmet ice-cream will please an even larger assemblage. We finally parted ways at 3 p.m. and driving home I reflected there's a reason why Shangri-La's Eros is proud of Tamra. The chefs know what they're doing and the growing number of guests — by word of mouth considering the restaurant has just opened — are proving it. For a first class taste of world cuisine that's priced at an economy fare, I recommend the hottest culinary jewel in the Capital — Tamra. Bon Appetite!


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Tamra, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, Delhi

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