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Sorrento has a patio, indoor seating that has nooks and corners to ensure discretion, a wine cellar and an open kitchen. Certified with Golden Q certification from Ospitalita Italiana, it has two powerhouse culinary masters — award-winning Chef de Cuisine Luigi Ferraro who hails from southern Italy and Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi — who combined their knowledge and skill set to conceptualise Neapolitan dining. Seated at our table overlooking lush greenery, a glance at the menu showed regional diversity, and at this point the chefs revealed that they use fresh vegetables and meat flown in from Italy; pizza is made in a wood-fired oven, pasta is freshly handmade, there is Mozzarella On Wheels and a deli where guests can purchase Italian cheese and meat! The adjacent bar Grappa focuses on wines and wine cocktails like Bellini and Negroni and the knowledgeable mixologist Mario Gonzalez Cabildo subtly suggests pairings!!


To appreciate the breadth of the assortment of dishes comprising Sorrento's menu, I recommend you go with dining companions and order dishes you can share. On Chef Tyagi's suggestion, I chose a "Bruschetta Tasting Plate" and a salad to begin lunch — accompanied by Grappa Negroni from the bar. Trust me… the crusty Italian bread topped with roasted chicken, wild mushroom and parmesan snow was sumptuous as was the one topped with pumpkin mash and goat cheese. My vegan friends loved the one topped with seasonal tomato, goat cheese crumble and Mediterranean salad! Light and flavourful! Just like "Seasonal Tomato And Basil Rocket Salad". I really liked specialty cocktail "Grappa Negroni": a blend of Gin, Campari, Dubonnet, Martini Rosso, Orange Bitter, Lime!


Shortly, artisan pastas proved that the menu leans towards authentic, quality Italian cuisine. Up first was "Fagottini" i.e. stuffed pasta with ricotta and lemon, from the Amalfi coast. Italian for "little bundles", the pasta squares in which all four ends are folded into a single point, were filled with cheese. Sumptuous does not begin to describe the creamy parcels of joy! But it faded when the server brought "Agnolotti stuffed with farmed rabbit and slow cooked pork". The agnolotti was an explosion of textures and fresh flavours and it elicited involuntary murmurs of 'amore'. If there is one dish I would go back for here… this is it! Of course, no Italian luncheon is complete without pizza and here the wood-fired pizza was topped with grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella. The vegan pizza was so fresh and juicy that even the fine cheese couldn't boast bragging rights, capiche? Yeah!i Time flew with the mixologist sending out another Italian specialty cocktail: Reposado Kaffir Preirie! The fine blend of tequila, Kaffir Lime, and rose water kept the interesting conversation and camaraderie going, and soon the Chef sent out the entree. The "Black Cod wrapped with olio negra, nuts and roasted forest mushroom" was tender and full-flavoured, transforming it into a special occasion meal. This was a showpiece entree that was meticulously prepared; layered flavours and textures demonstrated Chef's mastery of the art!


Stuffed, with no room for dessert, Chefs insisted there was no way we were leaving without a spoonful of their specialty — Mount Vesuvius! The hazelnut chocolate cremeux with almond biscuits, cocoa soil, raspberry sauce was sinfully sumptuous! Before I end this review, I must state everything here is 'genuino'; you get the real deal at Sorrento which is sure to reel me back here again! Buon Appetito!!


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