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When I went to "Salt and Cravings" on the bustling Rajpur Road it was for a late lunch following a shopping excursion and I was famished. Though I originally had a sandwich in mind the eclectic menu that featured a variety of dishes including its most talked-about 'Sri Lankan Fish Curry' and a variety of steaks and sandwiches captured my imagination and I finally ordered 'Grilled Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce' with a glass of red wine.

The tender fillets smothered in lemon butter sauce was served with mixed greens and carrot slivers. True to its description it was a light healthy light dish. I did suggest to the attentive servers that they should offer garlic toast to accompany this entrée and he immediately brought me a portion. "Salt and Cravings" is worth experiencing whenever you're in Dehradun or passing through. The price points are higher than local eateries but most folks would agree they get value for their money in terms of the casual-chic ambience and Retro music, an eclectic menu and a wine bar where they serve by the glass too. Bon Appétit! (30 April 2014)


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Fast Facts

Hotel President, 6 Astley Hall, Rajpur Road, Dehradun


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