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Things just got better, way better for the folks at Panchkula when Public Cafe opened in Huda Restaurant Complex — it's named so because the team kept pricing of the dishes low so people across age and strata have a great time! The first thought that crossed my mind was it's refreshing to find special places where food is not a franchised commodity; it's created, presented and priced with a vision. Conceived by Under One Roof, Public provides a fun dining experience — all-day breakfast, fusion recreations of local favourites and global delights that compel diners to return to try all those dishes they wanted to eat the first time! The other element that makes it hot is the decor and ambience with kitsch art and open kitchen, trippy music and wi-fi.


I went to Public a few days back for laidback lunch with friends and the blackboard—style menu, with hot-sellers like 'Maggi Cutlets', 'Tawa Masala HotDogs', 'Desi Keema Fusilli' and 'Masala Bun Omelette', had our attention and we ordered an assortment of dishes. Settling back into a couch, lunch began with 'Maggi Cutlets' and 'Spicy Scrambled Eggs With Salsa'. The cutlets packed with noodles were crisp and delicious while the scrambled eggs on toast points was delicious with salsa cutting the spice! This was the definition of comfort food! Our server then brought us infused vodka with marshmallow and well seasoned 'Keema Bun' that melted in the mouth. It was fresh, hot and scrumptious! It was sheer bliss with conversation and camaraderie as we satisfied a craving for Golgappa and Paapdi Chaat!! The long afternoon ended on a sweet note with a creatively presented Dessert In A Jar — the apple pie with ice-cream was delicious!


My last thought? It's a lot of food to cover and we just scratched the surface of the menu packed with dishes prepared and presented in interesting ways. Do visit Public Cafe for a laidback evening with friends or enroute to the hills! It will be a culinary adventure discovering creative, fusion cuisine. Bon Appetite! (4.3.2015)


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Public Cafe, Huda Restaurant Complex, Sector 5, Panchkula


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