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There's been a long-standing wish for a cafe that offers delicious breakfast in the heart of town and Market Cafe was one of the first to "plate up". Just last week, I heard about their breakfast menu from friends who suggested I try it. I did, and returning satiated, I'd surely order different items on future visits!

Perusing the menu, I observed there was something for every palate from 'Classic McBreakfast' and 'Healthy McBrekkie' that appeals to the health-conscious with muesli, fruit and egg-white omelettes to 'Not So Shudh Desi' with parantha and bhurji, and 'Nani's Breakfast'. Sounds intriguing? it was an old-fashioned breakfast that took me down memory lane — cutting chai, Parle biscuits, aloo toasties and choice of fresh juice. Wolfing it down in no time, I perused the menu for more and ordered 'Classic McBreakfast'. The presentation was neat, with the omelette centred in a rectangular plate. I put Tabasco on my omelet and relished it with slices of buttered toast. The platter also had chicken sausages, an aloo toastie and a small bowl of baked beans, accompanied by fresh orange juice. Delicious!

Reminiscing, Market Cafe's breakfast is a well-conceived effort to create its own style of entrees. These meals are portioned to provide diners with just enough food so they won't feel over-stuffed and lazy. For ambience (loved the hi-speed  wi-fi and stack of magazines), prompt service and food quality, I recommend you try the breakfast menu — I will make an effort to come back soon! Bon Appetito!


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8 Khan Market, Second Floor, New Delhi

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