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The Lodi Garden Restaurant's architecture it one of the more attractive culinary destination in the Capital and when we were seated astride a window with a view of the restaurant's brilliantly landscaped lush green garden with bamboo lanterns dangling from trees and tables placed in curtained pavilions, I felt the magic of dining in Paradise.  While alfresco tables are ideal for cool evenings.. the air-conditioned comfort of the interior dining space overlooks lush greenery. We chose a table by the window for a languid launch and while Dad ordered chilled beer I sipped martini while perusing the menu. 


Although the menu is subject to fresh updates, you can easily gain an appreciation for what the Chef has done to impress from the variety and diversity of foods he's created. While Dad was tempted by his favourite 'Pan Seared Fresh Fillet of River Sole with caper-berry, spring vegetables and potatoes’ I chose 'Spinach Tortellini with Mushroom Cheese Sauce' from their ‘Pasta and Risotto Promotion' — the restaurant has an interesting promotional menu each month and I can’t wait for October's seafood promotion! The entrees arrived swiftly and my expectation was righteously met when I had my first bite of the tortellini cooked al dente and packed with spinach—soaked in a divine creamy mushroom sauce! It was fabulous! My preference is a thick, creamy sauce and this was all of that and more! The portion of garlic bread layered with warm herbed cheese was a perfect accompaniment. Dad mentioned the fish was fresh and flavourful. Soon it was 3:30 p.m. Time for dessert! The selection was quite impressive and while Dad chose 'Almond Bread Pudding with warm Toee Sauce and Fig Ice Cream' and mentioned it was divine! I simply had Fig Ice Cream —packed with figs grown in their organic farms and my eyes were gleaming with each spoonful!  


Reminiscing about the impromptu luncheon, there’s a reason why Lodi Garden Restaurant is packed with waiting lists — reservation is recommended. Executive Chef Elam Singh Rana knows what he's doing and the growing number of guests each day are proving it. Bon appetit!


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Lodi Garden Restaurant, Gate 1, Lodhi Garden, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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