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Kalamata CookHouse is a newly opened alfresco restaurant with its global cuisine attracting discerning foodies like a magnet. Built over two floors, the first floor is a restaurant and bar with House music mixed by their DJ, the interiors have lively artwork, and the management's passion for service excellence inspires its team to be efficient. On the next level, the terrace is charming with lush greenery and a bird's eye view of the neighbourhood. I was impressed!


Since it was a warm summer night, my friend and I took a table inside and browsing the menu, we ordered Sangria with a bowl of pickled olives. For entrees, I chose "Baked Chicken Casserole" while my fiend preferred "Spicy Lamb Ragout Pasta." The refreshing red wine sangria went a long way in relaxing me [it had been a tiring day!] and paved the way for much-anticipated mains which lived up to its stellar reputation! The Baked Chicken Casserole was soft and warm; its aroma roused my appetite and I demolished it in no time. So much for my diet!! My friend mentioned her meat pasta was fresh, flavourful and it was well presented.


Reminiscing back to the dining experience, the menu at Kalamata CookHouse is a well-conceived effort to create its own style of entrees, which makes it a cut above other restaurants mushrooming on the culinary landscape. The dishes are portioned to provide diners with just enough food so they'd be satiated but won't feel stuffed and lazy. I highly recommend a visit for its ambience, service and cuisine — I know I'll be back soon since I live just around the corner. Bon Appetite!!


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Community Center, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

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