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I had been hearing fabulous reviews of Grand Chanakya of late so when I got an opportunity to review the iconic speciality vegetarian restaurant that takes pride in the fact that it does not share a kitchen with the other restaurants in the hotel serving non-vegetarian cuisine, I was thrilled! Walking in, we were enveloped in its old world regal charm, with a commissioned painting of Chanakya taking centerstage and an extensive menu packed with local favourites. Studying the menu, we chose the master chef's specialty — "Rajasthan Ki Thali" with Gatta Curry, Paneer Kurchan, Ker Sangari, Dal, rice and two varieties of churma accompanied with missi and bajra roti.


The traditional culinary journey took flight with "Dongri Chhaachh" — smoked with jeera and adrak. The smokiness was subtle yet added a dimension to its velvety texture. It was refreshing and light, and perfect for the hot afternoon! Rajasthani folk music played in the background and pretty soon we were presented with the thali. Paneer Kurchan — cottage cheese cooked in the chefs secret gravy garnished with a dollop of butter — was rich, spiced and sumptuous! But it was Gatta Curry — gramflour dumplings steamed and cooked in yoghurt gravy — that stole our hearts and I just had to request for seconds!! I also liked Ker Sangri Sabzi — ker berries and sangri beans cooked with red chilli, raisins, carom seeds and local spices — with the rotis. And then it was time to relish the rich churma! Though we were satiated, we could not resist ending luncheon on a sweeter note with RasMalai. Bon appétit!


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Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya, 4 A-B Kashi Bhawan, Panch Batti, MI Road, Jaipur

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