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Though it's easy to view restaurants as businesses it's refreshing to find those special places where food is not just a franchised commodity but where it is created as art. Dome is one of those divine places and may I just say "Yippee" as it was on the rooftop of the hotel I was staying in for a week! I had heard a lot about Dome overlooking The Queen's Necklace and wide expanse of sea beyond... a sensory experience that celebrates fusion recreations of traditional favourites... and couldn't wait to experience it.


Browsing the menu, I was pleased to observe Chef Paul Kinny has demonstrated his culinary artistry with items that would compel diners to return to try them all! After all, is there a better way to enjoy monsoons than with a piping hot Corn-on-the-cob rubbed with Sea Salt Butter? Or Cajun Mushroom and Water Chestnut Skewers accompanied with a raw mango and grape dip? Since my dining companion and I were fans of seafood we ordered Arabian Sea Prawn Skewers with chili glaze and lemon butter and Lemongrass Seafood Skewers with sweet tomato jam for entrees.


One of the first appetizers we had was the 'bhutta' with sea salt butter. On that night, the classic monsoon bite was as good as it gets — there’s nothing better than relishing each bite of bhutta while staring out at sea! The mood was further enhanced by the in-house DJ spinning club lounge. Next up was our entrées and I was impressed by the chic presentation. The tender well-seasoned prawns was refreshing on the palate while my friend remarked her vegetarian entrée Cajun Mushroom and Water Chestnut Skewers came alive we dipped in the spiced fruit dip; it just exploded with flavor! There was a lot of food to cover on the menu and this just scratched its surface. So go on down to Dome! It's a treat to discover local gourmet fusion cuisine... all the more fabulous when the rain beats hard against the sky roof and walls created for just that. Bon Appetite!


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