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There are good cafes and there are great cafes. Coast Cafe At Ogaan is a great Keralite themed multi-level bar and cafe. When it opened at Hauz Khas Village, the cafe quickly lit its path as a favorite and it's really because the painstakingly researched food and cocktails menu dazzled everyone's palates! Taking the lift [a rarity in HKV!] and walking into the cafe on the third floor, I immediately fell in love with the coastal-themed interiors. The space is well-lit with white brick walls, green plants, bay windows and coastal-themed art.


Once seated, the server noted our culinary preference, spice tolerance and made a few suggestions… and pretty soon we began with 'Kerala Fish Fry’ and 'Sukka Mutton Fry'. Aside from the appealing presentation these were some of the tastiest regional dishes I've had. The fried fillets — Keralite version of British fish fry — was a foodie's dream and we savoured forkfuls and ordered seconds — the portion is a bit small! The mutton was just as good with coconut shavings topping the spicy stir-fried meat. It was demolished in no time! Sipping mojito, we couldn't wait for the entrée, Malabari Cocum Fish Curry, which was served impressively fast considering the cafe was packed. Simmered in cocum, coconut milk and spices, the fresh savoury curry was perfect comfort food, which we mopped up with a pile of Appam. Deelish!


Though we were stuffed to the brim, the chef mentioned our meal would be incomplete without their signature dessert: Tiramisu. But the lacklustre desert menu didn't lure us and we wrapped up the luncheon with filter coffee. Content and satiated, I promised the chef I would be back for more of their specialties — Aubergine Cocum Stew, Red Snapper Chilli Curry, Mustard Tossed Fries and Coast Café Prawn Moillee. Verdict — do stop by Coast Cafe for authentic wholesome Keralite dishes. It will be one of the finest meals you can have in Delhi. Bon appétit!


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H2, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

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