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Tucked in a corner of New Friends Colony Community Centre, Carnatic Cafe is a South Indian restaurant with marble tables flanked by wrought iron chairs against walls adorned with framed photographs. Why do I visit this place so often? It has been quietly preparing some of the tastiest South Indian dishes I've had in a while. I say "quietly" as they don't advertise — word of mouth works well here!


My friend and I arrived before the dinner crowd and snagged a table. Soon after, the tables were packed with regulars and tourists. Events moved rapidly once the server took charge. I remember the moment when 'Malleshwaram 18th Cross' arrived: it was a large dosa with a crisp center and fluffier edges. My anticipation increased with the first whiff of white butter and dal masala (oops!). The aroma of this treat (served with three chutneys in addition to sambar and coconut chutney) taunted my appetite and I tucked into it! My friend preferred "Rice Of The Day" i.e. 'Mosaru Anna' (curd rice). As we ate, 'Rava Idli' and 'Tomato-Onion-Chilli Uthapam' arrived and proved to be a continued source of gustatory pleasure.


We sipped on filter coffee through this feast which aided our digestion! Eating at Carnatic Café is a delight and exceeded my expectations the first time I visited this neighbourhood gem! The cooks do a remarkable job preparing these dishes so that everything is fresh and flavourful.. and the pricing is pretty affordable too. Bon Appetite!


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Carnatic Café, Community Centre, New Friends Colony

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