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Burger aficionados will tell you that biting into a tender, juicy, mouthwatering, remarkably flavourful burger, cooked just right, is bliss. The accompanying onion rings, fries and shake will take you as close to heaven, as you can get. I'm talking about California-based burger chain Carl's Jr brought to the country through a franchisee with Cybiz BrightStar Restaurants — and poised to seize the burger throne!


I let a week pass since its launch and accepted their invitation to review it this afternoon. It was a rainy day, perfect to satiate hunger pangs after a bout of shopping — it's adjacent to the back entrance of Select CityWalk Mall! Checking out the buzzing ambience and perusing the well-orchestrated menu, one thing was apparent — the team intended to "break the mould". Since it was a review, the management helped orchestrate my order to three burgers: 'Mango Jalapeño CharGrilled Chicken Fillet', 'CharGrilled Paneer Tikka', 'CharGrilled Jalapeño Chicken' with hand-breaded onion rings, wasabi fries and 'Tiramisu Shake' to wash it all down with.


It’s all about bread and glorious meat — with variety for vegetarians! The house bun is soft and the accoutrements vary with each burger. The creative sauces include jalapeño mango, Sante Fe and mint mayo; the sides like onion rings and chicken strips are hand-breaded in-house to assure quality; the soft drinks can be refilled without charge! Coming back to me, as is often the case, simple is best. Of the three burgers, the standout was CharGrilled Jalapeño Chicken — moroccan-spiced char-grilled chicken with cheese, jalapeño and spicy Santa Fe sauce. It was the first to come… my first bite caused an "oh my gosh!" sensation! This was the real McCoy… in my fantasy I could hear the song "ain't nothing like the real thing baby”. Testament to freshness and flavour, is its texture; you don’t wrestle with it, you coddle the juicy cohesive burger. Up next, the thickly sliced chargrilled paneer slathered with mint mayo, is a good choice for vegans. It was delicious! Their signature chargrilled chicken fillet with mango jalapeño mayo however didn't live up to its hype… it was fresh and flavourful but the mango-jalapeño marriage should be pronounced… it was sweet. Of the sides, French Fries with wasabi powder transported me to culinary heaven as did hand-breaded onion rings dipped in chilli sauce. Though I thought I could not have another bite (or sip in this case!) the fragrance and texture of the hand-scooped Tiramisu Shake was alluring — trust me it was a cross between a shake and a dessert! The shakes had thickness you don't get in machine processed ones!


I'm pleased to recommend Carl's Jr. This gourmet burger chain has much more to offer customers than others in the market — and they are only to pleased to make you bespoke burgers based on your individual choice of bread, meat, accruements and mayo. On a diet and wish to skip bread? They have lovely options for that too! So, do go and try out the new hotspot in town. Bon Appetit! (21.6.2016)


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Carl's Jr., Behind Select CityWalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi

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