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When I'm tired of the frenetic pace of meetings, shoots and interviews, I dial in for fresh, flavourful food. The piping hot dishes arrive in sealed containers… all I have to do is peel off the wrapper and dig in. Hmmm. I'm not hallucinating! I'm penning a review of the food delivery service that's loved and relished by me several times a month — Biryani Central.


'Slow Cooked, Delicious And Distinct.' Reading the card accompanying the home- delivered culinary feast from Biriyani Central, I perceived that this is the experience co- founders Ishita Sudha Yashvi and Ahsan Qureshi strive to achieve. The essence of Biryani Central lies in recreating and honouring time-honoured culinary practices like dum, char-grilling, slow-cooking and artisanal tandoor baking. Ahsan oversees cooking and kitchen operations — his father is the first Indian Padmashree chef — while Ishita looks at marketing, communications, brand aesthetic and diner engagement. How did I discover this home- delivery brand? My good friend and colleague knew I had been facing stressful frenetic-paced weeks, and decided to pamper me with sumptuous home- delivered dinner. It was just what I needed after a hard day!!


Dinner began with a portion of 'Galouti Kebabs'. The minced lamb patties marinated with papaya and spices was tender and flavourful with melt-in-the-mouth texture! Up next was 'Hyderabadi Kachhe Gosht Ki Biryani' accompanied by ‘Nehari'. The raw meat slow-cooked with the rice, in the handi it is served in, was the ultimate comfort food but the culinary masterpiece here was the nehari. I think my heart rate went up at the sight of this magnificent goat meat simmered in authentic Hyderabadi spices!! It was so, so fresh and flavourful! Though I was stuffed, I couldn't resist trying the signature 'Dal Bukhari'. The slow-cooked urad dal, with tomato puree, cream and butter, swooped up with the softest Khameeri Roti, was sinfully delicious. The meal ended on a sweet note with bowls of 'Malai Phirni' laced with pistachio, saffron and silver warq.


Reminiscing about last night's meal, I marvel at how the chefs package gourmet slow-cooked cuisine with condiments so well one doesn't miss going out to dinner! So if you haven't tried Biryani Central — order in tonight from their website or one of the food delivery services and get bowled over by a traditional meal I guarantee wouldn't get delivered on your doorstep from someplace else!!


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