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If someone held an Olympics for cafes then Backpackers Cafe in Elante Mall would get the Gold medal! The interior features colourful murals and an intriguing collection of posters. The management whose passion for service excellence and quality inspires the team to be the best. and the food.. the food is delicious and wholesome! Moreover you'd be hard-pressed to find a cafe with their eclectic collection of soft music.. what I'd describe as a "thinking person's sound track." It's a place where a lone diner would not feel awkward ordering coffee and burger (The Butter Chicken Burger is exemplary!) and sit by the window with a magazine. These attributes differentiate Backpackers Cafe from others that are mushrooming on the culinary scape.

My friend and I visited Backpackers Cafe last week. Since it was a hot day we ordered Warm "Chicken Collision Salad" and "Pepperoni Pizza" with cheese and green chilli—accompanied by tall glasses of "watermelon-ginger-honey fresh juice". Bliss! The chilled juice and melange of warm chicken slices and greens did a lot to rejuvenate our spirits—and paved the way for the super-thin crust pizza. It was demolished in no time! This is just the top of the iceberg. We were packed to the brim with generous portions but vowed to return for "Indian Spiced Lamb Burger" with mango mayo and the assortment of quiches. Bon Appetite! (24.9.2014)


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Ground Floor, Elatne Mall. Industrial Area. Chandigarh.

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