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When I'm tired of the frenetic pace of meetings, shoots and interviews, I dial in for fresh, flavourful food. So what if I'm too exhausted to visit the ATM? You can pay online or request the delivery boy to come with a credit card machine. The piping hot dishes arrive in recycled containers… all I have to do is peel off the wrapper, freshen up with wipes and dig in with disposable cutlery. Hmmm. I'm not hallucinating! I'm penning a review of the gourmet food delivery service that's loved and relished by me several times a month — Asian Haus.


Restaurateur Kula Naidu has pioneered and scaled the Oriental home-delivery niche. Their menu has it all — 'Green Mango Salad', Kimchi Dumplings' and 'Tofu with Chilli Plum Sauce' lure vegans while 'Crispy Duck, Pomegranate Salad', 'Calamari with Green Mango Salsa' and 'Haus Duck Pancakes' is the tip of the non-veg berg. Pair it with 'Pineapple Fried Rice' or 'Udon Stir Fry' and you're set! In a mood for soup, salad and dumplings? There are pages devoted to it! The result? A culinary experience that strikes a delicate balance between modern style, classic technique and old-fashioned gourmet pleasure. I'm a die-hard fan of Asian Haus for all of the above including attention to detail right from a SMS bill when the order is placed, good packaging and generous condiments. Moreover, consistent quality and service is why I order in — a lot! My favourites? Now it's 'Haus Duck Pancakes' with spring onions, cucumber and the most divine plum sauce! Or the incredibly light melt-in-the-mouth 'Steamed Fish in Oyster Garlic Sauce' with a side of mixed greens. And I almost always end this feast with 'Chocolate Decadence'.


Reminiscing about tonight's meal, I marvel at how the chefs package gourmet cuisine with condiments so well one doesn't miss going out to dinner! So if you haven't tried Asian Haus — order in tonight and get bowled over by a meal I guarantee wouldn't get delivered on your doorstep from someplace else.


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