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Amour has been successful in developing a loyal clientele since it opened in Hauz Khas Village and as one of the regulars I feel the terrace with a magnificent view of the historic monuments sets the mood but the real focus is on food: the dishes show artistic creativity in preparation and presentation due to a personal touch of proprietors Randeep and Navneet Bajaj. Their team makes an effort to offer value in terms of ambience and evolving menu with salads and starters, grills and mains, pizza and pasta, and an assortment of dessert. 

After some delightful shopping in "the village" on a laidback Sunday my friends and I took the lift up to Amour, chose a table on the terrace and settled in for a leisurely brunch. Perusing the menu, my friends ordered "Warm Goat Cheese Salad" with roquette leaves and potatoes and "Spanish Skewered Chicken" with gooseberry picco de gallo while I chose "Sambal Roast Prawns" with the most delicious green mango and feta cheese salsa. We were in agreement that the starters were fresh and flavourful. For entrées I chose “Spice Dusted Pork Chops" with jalapeño-pineapple jam, chicken liver and bacon mash. The meat was firm and the sharp flavours of the spice and jam was intense. It was awhile since I had pork chops and I relished each bite! My friend ordered “Charmoula Prawns" from The Grill which she mentioned was fresh and well seasoned while her husband chose the signature "Risotto with courgette and shrimps” which he mentioned was his favourite since quite some time.  

An hour later we contentedly sipped chamomile tea and admired the view.. and then ordered Fig Ice Cream with honey poached apricots, apple crumble and almond nougat. I agree with the chef: it was a nice way to end brunch.. cool and refreshing. As you can tell from this review, I have a lot of good things to say about Amour where diners can take pleasure the energetic music, views of historic monuments and a delicious brunch which is accompanied by great liquor deals. Bon Appetite! (2.11.2014)


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Amour, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

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