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Luxury Spa reviews of India

Kaya Kalp — a haven amid the hustle bustle of city life — is deeply rooted in traditional Indian wellness philosophies. As I made my way down to the spa from the poolside, I felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole — I was stunned by the tranquil ambience which seemed to be right out of a piece of literature… a space offering deep relaxation with its age-old therapies updated with modern knowledge.


Sipping on lemon tea and browsing through the menu, I chose their signature aroma-therapeutic massage designed to relieve muscular tension. The treatment began with a salt foot scrub and my therapist asked me to choose between *Stress Soother, blend of Mysore Sandalwood; *Healing, blend of Lime and Ginger; *Muscle Ease: blend of Eucalyptus and Black Pepper. I went with the third as my muscles were sore from my recent amped-up workout regimen... and I could literally feel the tension being released from my rigid neck and shoulders as she swiftly massaged me with the warm oil blend. The objective of this oil blend was to coax stiff muscles to relax and let the oil seep in to leave skin soft and gleaming... and it was working! The soft tranquil music, the therapist's rhythmic movement and the aroma of the oil blend was so calming I fell asleep… and woke from the deeply relaxed state when she gently told me the ninety-minute therapy had concluded.


I quickly showered, got my hair washed with color-care shampoo at the Fiama salon and walked out of the spa relaxed and rejuvenated, with a promise to return the following morning for steam and a swim in the guests-only pool. In a nutshell, calling a day spa 'heaven' is a cliché, but if that label ever deserved to be applied, it's here. And not just because it relaxes and indulges like there's no tomorrow — the luxury spa, nestled adjacent to the sprawling poolside and lush greenery, helps induce relaxation. And based on my experience, I recommend the signature therapy for all of us with an active lifestyle or gruelling work schedule — it's been days and my muscles haven't groaned once!


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Kaya Kalp, ITC Rajputana, Jaipur

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