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Spanning an entire block on Ashoka Road is one of a handful of hotels synonymous with luxury — Shangri-La's Eros Hotel. The landmark building boasts of a sleek minimalist décor and the full splendor of the property envelopes you as you stride down its lobby to the check-in counter. Stringent about security.. members of the staff roam the entrance and lift lobby to keep a vigil and take guest identification photographs. Reassured about the safety net.. I checked into my room and was glad to observe it was sleek and comfortable — following which I relaxed by the poolside with a book and a tall lime juice while waiting for friends to join me for luncheon in alfresco multi-cuisine restaurant Café Uno.


The discreet clued-in management has catered to generations of regulars including celebrities and royalty. So it was no surprise to observe tuxedo-ed men and bejewelled women indulging in Pan Asian cuisine in the private dining rooms ensconced in 19 Oriental Avenue. Or signature cocktails at The Island Bar followed by a barbeque buffet at Café Uno. Choices! Choices!! Well we finally went with a barbeque followed by the most sumptuous languorous Saturday brunch the following afternoon at 19 Oriental Avenue [click here for review]. Glancing at my wrist watch which reminded me it was time to check out the following morning, I cancelled my appointment for 'the Shangri-La Journey' — a two-hour papaya scrub and therapeutic massage at their luxurious spa — though now that gives me something to look forward to on my next visit!


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Shangri-La Eros Hotel, Ashoka Road, New Delhi

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