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DELHI: I never did like the word 'staycation', but I now admit, whoever coined it was on to something. Why do we feel the need to travel halfway across the world... to relax? I'm not discounting the healing powers of Balinese beaches and Swiss alps but opportunities for escapism can be found closer to home. I recently went to test the theory at modern luxury hotel Roseate House in Aerocity. A half hour drive from home.


Spanning 1.6 acres, Roseate House is synonymous with discreet luxury. Boasting of a sleek décor, the hotel's warmth enveloped me as I drove up, checked in and took the lift up to my room! A brown palette and plush upholstery, workstation and climate control describes the room with a large walk-in closet and washroom [with a tub that I later filled with oil- infused water and rose petals]. Happily, though, this isn't just another mega-chain. With a warm ambience and stellar design, it's one of the coolest hotels I've stayed in. Attention to detail feels made to measure, which adds to the premium feel. The most unique part is the rooftop which envelopes the salon, spa, gym and mammoth pool — restricted to in-house guests. Scattered with sun loungers and chic sofas, it is a stunning place to relax. And with all facilities, one could easily spend the day here.The team is warm and welcoming, which I discovered when I went over to the salon where there was gleeful girl talk with the manager as she blow-dried my hair. She later suggested I come back and chill by the pool, under starlit skies, with a bottle of wine since it's open till midnight… now that was tempting!! 


By the time I wrapped up my sun-drenched siesta by the pool, it was 7 p.m. and I headed over to Chidiya Ghar — a themed pub where the bar team whipped up the most sumptuous double- expresso martini! Hours flew as my friends and I indulged in martinis and trippy house music and some delightful conversation and camaraderie, before heading to all day dining brasserie DEL. What followed was Tortellini with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, with orange butter broth! Sinfully sumptuous!!! My friend preferred pan-seared Red Snapper and said it was off-the-hook fresh! Needless to say, I slept soundly. The following morning, I got up early and caught the first golden glow of the day—by the rooftop pool! It was like a painting! Surreal!! Glancing at the watch reminded me there was just time for a shower and quick breakfast of DEL Special Egg White Omelette — four egg whites and vegetables cooked on order and served with toast — a great start to a work-packed Monday!!


In retrospect, this review would be incomplete if I failed to mention that the service at Roseate House is stellar. The management makes guests feel special and service throughout the hotel is efficient. The hotel's services and amenities.. upscale restaurants and bar will attract you but its attentive staff will make you feel at home and tempt you to stay longer! [Sep 2017]


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10, Hospitality District, Aerocity, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi110037

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