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Model Shubham Chauhan has a sensible head on his shoulders and dreams he aspires to live up to. In conversation with the young man.


"I was deeply interested in becoming a professional model since Class X, inspired by my cousin brother who is a model. I loved watching ramp shows and aspired to be there someday! The only thought that consumed me was that I wanted to be someone amongst every one out there… and I worked towards that goal. I got a break when I participated in and won a local pageant. A designer liked me and chose me to walk for Dehradun Fashion Week and India Showcase Week. There has been no looking back since.


Being a model is not an easy task. It is hard work which helps carve a niche in this field. I have a strict diet and workout regime coupled with aerobics and jogging. And I take good care of my skin. After all, to be fit, one requires a healthy balanced diet and workout as hard as possible; I go for a morning jogging,then do some aerobics and have a proper meal i.e. no fat, no carbs just juices, salads and brown bread. In the eve, I undergo a strenuous workout at the gym. From my own experience, I advise upcoming models: build your personality so people crave for you. And, be very careful of who you work with; approach well known agencies only! If you are deserving, you will be in."




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