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Few models leave an impression, but Sangeeta Gharu impressed with her confident stride and positive attitude. So, when I heard she's walking for Rajasthan Style Fest, I thought of a chat with the candid model who once dreamt of being an air hostess.


''I hail from Jodhpur. Reminiscing back to schooldays, I was sporty and loved to dance, and always dreamt of being an air hostess some day. One day, I was browsing Facebook and came across news of Miss India, and my aspirations changed. I travelled to Jaipur for the audition without preparation and couldn't make it but it was a valuable lesson on modelling.


I'm satisfied being a model and would like to continue being one for the rest of my life instead of diversifying into other careers. I feel privileged that I have walked for key designers and recently shot for Roberto Cavalli!! That's why I work hard! And maintain a strict regimen. I workout for an hour each day; every morning I go for a run so the body gets more toned and I feel fresh and energetic; I eat healthy food like salads, vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water which keeps skin hydrated. I drink a lot of green tea and don't eat junk food. It looks tasty and fabulous but can affect our body adversely!


Workwise, I have walked for India Couture Week, Lakme Fashion Week, India Beach Fashion Week, Rajasthan Heritage Week, Pune Fashion Week and made it to the finals of Glam Icon! My upcoming project is Rajasthan Style Fest. According to the Dalai Lama, the roots of goodness are in the soil of appreciation for goodness. And i can't say enough about RSF. It's the essence of tradition and culture in a modern mould. Rajasthan has always been an attraction for its art and  culture and  it's a very proud moment for me to walk for RSF where will be various designers from all over the nation."


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