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She's a national-level athlete and a model. Meet StyleSkool protege Rajveer Bhullar.


''Let's look back: how did I get into modeling when I was an athlete competing on the national level? Well, I had the athletic body that's perfect for modelling; after Abhimanyu Singh Tomar, Director, StyleSkool approached me and subsequently mentored me, I ended up in this profession. Hey, it wasn't sudden!! Modelling had always attracted me because of the lavish lifestyle models live. And I could've settled for a stable career, sure, but I didn't want to keep despairing in the future, thinking 'oh, I could have been doing that.' My motto is 'live life the way I want to, not how society wants me to'.


I'm really satisfied with how my career in modelling is shaping up and in future too I'd like to be in this field. I think my no-tantrum and never-give-up attitude makes me a good model to work with. My athletic body and simplicity is a bonus! Since I'm a national-level athlete, I never miss a workout. I regularly workout at the gym and whenever I'm shooting with no time for gym, I plan a diet accordingly.


Speaking of work, I recently walked for a show with Alesia Raut and it was one of those shows which I would always reminisce about and cherish. Another major show was directed by Prasad Bidapa and his team for Vastra, which was an amazing experience! A shoot for Ingenious By Shades turned out to be stunning, with a lot of people's efforts put into making it a stellar campaign and I think I did full justice to it. Now I am really looking forward to walking for Rajasthan Style Fest Season 2 in my hometown, Jaipur.''


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