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It's not often you hear "He's got it!" "There's something about him!"… that attractive quality which grabs the attention of designers, fashion editors and film directors. And that's what makes Pushpak Chawla stand out. In conversation with the charming model and actor who will be storming the ramp at Intimasia.


''I didn't have plans of becoming a model some day. I worked in a call centre so I could earn a living and use my savings to pursue MBA. But destiny had other plans for me! After walking for collegiate shows, I had made up my mind that I wanted to be a model. And, to be honest, when you work towards your goal sincerely, nothing can stop you from achieving it. My family is supportive of my goal; they have always been supportive and I'm thankful to them for always motivating and encouraging me.


I entered the world of modeling through a pageant; I heard of Glam Icon through one of my friends and participated as I wanted to go through the experience. My goal — right from the auditions — was the Winners Trophy! I told myself this is what I had to achieve. I felt if I worked hard, my chances were bright. And when that moment of accepting the trophy arrived, it was thrilling! There's been no looking back since. I've done good work and if you ask me to share cherished memories it would be the moments when I shared the ramp with Shri Amitabh Bachchan. I have also worked on a film titled Nirdosh with Arbaz Khan. It was a dream come true! Among other projects lined up is Intimasia with my mentor, Shakir Shaikh, few shows and a shoot with a clothing brand. My dream is to be a successful model and actor and I feel I'm on the right track. I'm happy with the way my career is shaping up!!


I believe being a good human helps you do well in any field. Of course, being fit is important if you want to be a good model! For me, fitness is a lifestyle. I workout six days a week, twice a day! Early morning I go for cycling or running and during the evening I go for weight training. Sometimes I prefer playing football and cricket for a change in activity. My diet consists of high protein meals like eggs, chicken, fish, paneer, kidney beans, black beans, low carb food, good fat like peanut butter, olive oil and no sugar. I focus on fibre and vitamin intake like two plates of salads, green vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices. My advice to aspiring models and actors is simple: never lose hope, keep fighting as it is all about your perseverance towards your passion! Be positive, work hard and try to be a good human… that's all. Diet and fitness is integral too. It's not about having the best body but having a healthy life.''


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