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Mrs Earth Priyanka Khurana Goyal is the epitome of grace- focussed vision and beauty. And she is finale showstopper at Kair Kids Fashion Runway. In conversation with her.


"I have grown up watching beauty pageants and like every little girl I too wanted to participate in one. However I was good in studies and preparing for entrance examinations at IIM and later settled into a good job and running a household so I never really got the opportunity at that point in time. So when the opportunity to participate in Mrs Earth presented itself… I thought to myself: why not give it a try? I firmly believe that if I participate in something I must give it my best! I do not leave any stone unturned if it is within my power to do it. I gave my 100 per cent to the pageant and I won Mrs India and then Mrs Earth at Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort And Spa — it was a collective effort of the entire team that made me title holder. Right from my dietician and meditation guru to fitness trainer- grooming expert and designers; it was their hard work that made this title possible.


Over the past year I have done more than fifty shoots and a number of shows for different designers and brands so it is difficult for me to pick the one that I love the most! I always look forward to shoots and each time I ask myself — how is this one going to be different? After having done 50-60 shoots: you must ask yourself how it will add to your personality.. to your portfolio. You have to be have to be creative with your expression- presence- poses. Only then will you get creative satisfaction otherwise it is just for money.


Being in Fashion, it is important to be fit. Otherwise too it is important. So I maintain a strict regimen. How I train is… I do yoga twice-thrice a week and work out at the gym four times a week — each day is different so I get the entire body covered within the week with varying weight and stamina building excersizes. Having a fit body is not enough though; a fit mind is equally important. Being in Fashion and holding the title of Mrs Earth, I meet and interact with new people all the time so I do yoga and pranayam i.e. meditation to have a fitter mind. I wish to advice aspiring models based on my experience. My advice is plain and simple. I am sure people enter the modelling industry because it is their passion and dream. That is the right attitude — to do something that you really like. Instead of focussing on projects… focus on the people involved in the projects. It is essential that you like working with them. Dont look at from one dimension. Make a checklist and ask yourself — how does this project add to my portfolio? Does it have enough creative stimulation? I must stress here that it is very important to visualise where you wish to be in five years and then plan the steps which will enable you to achieve it — and work towards that. What you need to be wary of however is choosing the people you wish work with rightly. Secondly choosing each individual project wisely. Do not be typecast. Instead do a variety of work and experiment with different things. 


The future looks bright! This weekend I'm walking for Kair Kids Fashion Runway as showstopper for the finale. This showcase is close to my heart — it gives kids confidence to come out on the runway- wearing designerwear- in front of a huge audience. Now- confident kids are happy kids. And this excersize teaches them team work- boosts their confidence and they imbibe how to present themselves. So I'm privileged to be a part of this project in Bengaluru: the city that has showered me with so much love and appreciation of the work I have done here. And God has been very kind. I have multiple projects lined up for a month including two fashion shows — one in which I am showstopper — and a few shoots. I'm excited and a little nervous about the release of my first music video where the song is by Shibani Kashyap! And there are a few discussions which may materialise into projects! Before signing off I'd like to tell me viewers that I welcome feedback on social media.. any advice you would like to share with me." Respect.


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