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Meet potential Rubaru Mister India Prandeep Bharali who hails from Assam and dreams of making it big.


"I began modeling while studying Junior Engineering at Assam Engineering Institute. I took part in a few ethnic fashion shows and was winner of collegiate contests. Since, I ventured into pageant and aspired to become a part of this world. With all due respect to conservative career options, a stable job wouldn't have allowed me to pursue my dream. There is a saying that not taking a risk is the biggest risk in the world and I don't want to spend my old age regretting things I didn't do. So here I am and I take full responsibility for my decision. I always believe that I should be the only one accountable for my deeds as those who blame others for their mishaps never succeed in life.


From being a small town boy to a contestant in Rubaru Mister India is in itself an accomplishment. The pageant will give me the right exposure and opportunities to follow my dream. I am working hard towards my goal. When it comes to workout, I train two three hours a day and put my hundred per cent in it and I follow a strict diet. I believe everyone is born equal but it is what they do that defines them. My aim of giving back to society makes me believe that I stand out in the crowd. All my hard work stands tall with dignity because of its intention to do good.


If I win the pageant, I will have a platform to educate people on social causes. Save The Girl Child is one of the biggest causes today; we have to educate the common man to save the girl child. This is a campaign which has many dimensions. Just by educating them about equality will not suffice. The law must be stricter, like the laws on dowry and domestic violence. Trust in law and order has to be bought back."


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