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''What makes me good to work with is down to earth behaviour, elegance, confidence, positivity.'' Meet Parleen Kaur.


''What lured me towards modelling? Well, there are several doctors and engineers in a stable profession, perhaps forced. But this profession is not chosen due to family or peer pressure but by the dreams in our eyes and the ambition in our heart to carve a niche. I've always been fascinated by supermodel Lakshmi Rana; I hope to follow in her footsteps and consequently walk up the path towards my own dreams and aspirations.


Honestly, I've always been fascinated to get clicked, so I arranged a photoshoot and the experience helped me realise that this is what I want to do. Perceiving nothing comes easy, I started grooming myself, participated in Miss North India '17 and emerged second runners-up after which I did my debut show for Mohair India. Next I walked for Ingenious Season 3 and Delhi Times Lifestyle Week. Then, I was showstopper in Wedding Mantra. What makes me a good model? Well, a model is portrayed as a high headed person but what makes me a good model to work with perhaps is down to earth behaviour, elegance, confidence and positive attitude. Of course, love and respect for one's profession is a necessity. Because when you do, you perform your best and with confidence. That said, I do meditation, yoga and workout, maintain a proper diet and water intake, and this helps me stay fit. My diet includes salad, soup, fruits, greens, eggs and chicken as seventy per cent of our body shape is determined by what we eat!!


I hope I continue to get job satisfaction from modelling though I do plan to explore acting opportunities alongside. Because every time you take a step forward, you learn something new. So I'm attending acting classes and am a management student too so that I would be able to manage all I do productively.''




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