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''I have always believed in Robert Frost's poem about the road not taken and the road less travelled, which explains my attraction to modelling'' says Cocoaberry model Kanak Garg.


''People often ask me if modelling is a stable career and where my future lies. but I do not think it is fair to compare modelling with other professions in terms of stability; it is we who make our career and not the other way round! Initially, I stumbled upon Cocoaberry through social media and when I did some digging, I came across the assortment of grooming courses provided by them unlike any other agency in this country. I recently had a close interaction with Alesia Raut as she was our ramp walk trainer in a model hunt and her professionalism and teaching enthusiasm left me with no doubt that I wanted to join the agency!


As the word 'model' itself suggests, I aspire to be someone whom people would want to look up to. I feel that I am a good role model because I am comfortable in my own skin, highly optimistic, hardworking and helpful. Most importantly, I believe in myself and do not try to imitate others and that, I feel, makes me a good model. I also continuously work on myself. I've recently started doing Yoga as it not only helps me maintain my body but also gives me mental peace. I am not someone who follows a rigorous diet but my mornings always begin with at one litre of lukewarm lemon water and a bowl of soaked almonds. I've been trying to cut down my sugar and salt intake too.


I'm happy with the way my career is shaping up! This year, I bagged digital campaigns for brands Splash and Forever 21. I also did a campaign for Jashn. And I walk for Pune Fashion Week and Rajasthan Style Fest. That said, I've always been a explorer and I believe in widening my horizons and not limiting myself. So, despite having a certain job satisfaction from modelling, I am sure I would like to diversify at some point in life! Currently, though, I am walking for Intimasia in Kochi. I really like the idea of showcasing lingerie and beach wear on the ramp because it's not just empowering but also a step that is required in our country! Hey I'd surely love to walk for Victoria's Secret someday and Intimasia might just be a foreshadowing of it. *devilsmile* In fact, I just flew back from Kochi a week ago and it's a serene quiet city. I am excited to go back there, get a good spa therapy and have a gala time with the team of Initimasia! As I write to you, I'm getting ready to hit the ramp for Jaipur Couture Show. Post that, I have a couple of shows lined up in different cities.''




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