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Chennai-based Kamlesh Solanki is a model who aspires to represent his country some day. In conversation with the contestant of Rubaru Mister India.


"With all due respect to stable, conservative careers, it will not allow me to fulfil my dreams. There is a saying that not taking a risk is the biggest risk in the world and I don't want to spend my old age regretting things I didn't do. I believe I should be the only one accountable for my deeds; those who blame others for their mishap never succeed in life. Finally, I believe when your work is your passion, no force on this planet can stop you from achieving the impossible; modeling is my passion, my dream, my everything… so why settle for anything less?


Speaking of the pageant, Rubaru Mister India is the platform which will give me the right exposure to work on what I intend to achieve. The ways I can give back to the society by being a recognised face will only catapult my chance of changing the world and making it a better place. With this in mind, I am working really hard. I workout four days a week and rest the other days. The biggest hardship is to sacrifice so many things I love doing. Like quitting food I love because my workout demands it. Then there is a financial crisis that emerges often because of the regime I have to follow. Followed by the very real problem of facing an orthodox society that tries to pull you down whenever you try to be different.


The amount of dedication I have put into anything I have undertaken can be composed into a song if given a chance. A song I believe will motivate the next generation to do something different, to dream and dream again. I always believe that everyone is born equal but it is what they do that defines them. My work, however big or small, should only be remembered for good and with the aim of d giving back to society makes me believe I stand out in the crowd. All my hard work stands tall with dignity because of its intention to do good.


If I win, I will give voice to a social cause I strongly believe in. It is one of the biggest misfortune that we have to educate people to save the girl child. This is a campaign which has many dimensions to it. Just by educating them about the equality of the girl child will not  suffice. The law has to be made strict and consistent dowry laws or domestic violence. The trust of the people on law and order has to be bought back. Then only I believe people will accept it with open arms."


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