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StyleSkool model Kamil Khan makes an impression wherever he goes — and that's remarkable considering his journey from a village in Rajasthan to a model.


''I aspired to be a model for multiple reasons. Modeling influences people's lives in multiple ways. People take inspiration from models to remain fit throughout their life or perhaps how to be stylish. I am looking forward to helping people through this medium. Besides, I love to travel and learn about new cultures and modeling is a platform where models get opportunities to travel the world!


Besides, I believe modeling is a stable career if you work hard and have patience. My strong suit is my personality. My height is icing on the cake, which is 6'4''. I'm confident, I have sharp facial features and intoxicating eyes, which may put me ahead of models. I'm also determined that whatever I aspire to achieve, I begin working in earnest towards it and I don't give up until I achieve my goal; that has brought me ahead in life… otherwise it's very difficult for a village boy from Rajasthan to be a fashion model. I am so grateful for the opportunity of participating in a local pageant and crowned from amongst the seventy candidates. Recently, I walked for Hemant Trivedi and Rohit Kamra.


Now I'm working hard on myself. I go to the gym five days a week and follow a strict diet that includes 10 egg whites, whey protein, vegetables and 200 gm chicken. And take eight hours sleep which keeps me fresh and fit. When I see myself up from 58-kg to 82-kg I realise it's discipline which made it possible. So my advice to new talent is to work hard, be disciplined and don't look for a shortcut as I see new models impatient and looking for a shortcut. Instead, they should be open to learning as I believe a man learn from womb to tomb.''


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