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Anubhav Upadhayay is confident his handsome face and chiselled body, self confidence and a tinge of attitude on the catwalk will win him the title of Rubaru Mr India. In conversation with him.


"Hailing from Ghaziabad, I won sub-title Mr.Photogenic during my participation in Mr.Punjab 2013 and that's when my passion for modeling took root. After graduation, I began working for Amazon and figured that modelling, drama and acting excites me more so I made a decision to quit the job and give my hundred percent to a career in show biz. I'm glad I took that decision — I'm passionately driven towards modeling and the mundane 9-5 desk job is plan B.


What makes me good? I'm blessed with a toned, chiseled body which I present on the catwalk with a tinge of attitude. I chose to participate in Rubaru Mr.India because I am confident that it is a platform that will help me enter the fields I aspire to be a part of. Most importantly, I will get the opportunity to be the face of India and represent India on the world stage. I have worked really hard on signing up for the pageant — it took me a year and 32 kg to reach where I am today, made possible with endless hours of training. If I win the title, whatever great or trivial position I achieve in life, I will always Mr.India — something which will remain with me and be cherished throughout my life. I have invested time, effort and tiring hours of training because there is no substitute to hard work and to be Mr. India you have to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. I focused on boosting my self confidence, general knowledge and keeping my body healthy and fit through a balanced diet.


I am aware that if I win Rubaru Mr. India my life will change. The title will give me exposure and visibility. Winning this title will give me a lot of confidence, faith and hope to do a lot in life. Moreover, there will be added responsibilities towards people and society.  Everybody is aware about what happens to the girl child in the smallest of districts in our country. I will not get into statistics because it is depressing. Female feticide is a grave social problem arising out of the so-called traditional thoughts of our society where people think girls are a burden. But there cannot be a boy without the girl. We all have heard about the problem,we all are well versed with the problem. We have no right to bring a life to an end. The law of nature does not allow us to know whether there is a boy or a girl in the womb so that there is a balance between the nurturer and provider. When we kill the nurturer we create an imbalance, for which we will be so sorry in future generations because life will stop existence the way we see it. So, today, let us pledge — each person must focus on making one family realise that they are truly blessed not because they have a girl child, but also a womb that create life."


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