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''It's not about muscles, money or anything else; it's about achieving your dreams in this lifetime, about doing things today that you keep putting off for tomorrow, believing life to be endless, until it's too late!'' Impressive perception of life by a twenty-five-year-old who's inculcated the values of an achiever. I'm talking about the skyrocketing career of model Dushyant Katewa — a career crafted with a focused vision, the right values and hard work.


''I've always wanted to be a model and eventually an actor. My first attempt was in 2012 but due to academic pressure and no support I focussed on my studies. But the desire to be a model never left me so in 2014 I made another attempt. I had realised that it's important to meet the right people for quality work. My mentor is Abhimanyu Singh Tomar and since then the journey has been amazing. I could never imagine waking up at 7 a.m. for office, coming back late and repeating this routine the next day, every day! But for shoots and tvcs, I would not need an alarm clock! Then I realised I should do what makes me happy! I feel fortunate to have done good work. I have walked for great designers and done tvcs for Oberoi Hotels, DLF, Oppo Smart Phones and many more, worked with Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, jabong, Voylla and others. And I've been a part of 'Happy Hours' and 'Life Ka Recharge' on &tv. I recently gave an audition for a serial and it went well; we're negotiating terms and conditions so good news is on its way! Plus I signed a shoot with a big designer and two tvcs.


I feel it's not about muscles, money or anything else...it's about achieving your dreams in this lifetime. Hey I'm no guru. I'm a regular guy. I set goals, miss targets and get demotivated. I struggle to deal with failure, criticism, defeat and injuries. I love challenges. I have had several rejections but in the end I paid attention to set targets and becoming better than I was yesterday. I maintain a strict diet and workout regime! I'm juvenile diabetic so I'm careful about diet. And I never miss my workout. Fitness is a way of life, not a phase of life. I'm constantly bench pressing in the gym towards my own benchmarks. I want to get to a point where I can say, yes, I've got what it takes!! You know, the best part about being a model is that you have got to be healthy and fit. In general, I have fixed workout plans everyday, which I keep changing a little each month. As far as diet is concerned, I keep it simple, healthy yet interesting. Meanwhile, I crawl and fall, I despair, I cry tears of pain. But that's acceptable, as pain and injury are temporary, pride is forever.  A great physique doesn't happen by accident. If you want to achieve it, you've got to go through pain. You have to shed all inhibitions and bare your soul; you have to go through life's fires because that's the only way what's inside of you will ever come out. As Sylvester Stallone says in one of his movies, "The world meets nobody halfway; if you want something, you gotta take it.


Today I'm a businessman and a model. I have my own construction business 'Serenity Homes' and I follow my passion and profession side by side. It's important to be focussed and have set goals. Never settle for less when you can do so much more. Maintain a lean body and focus on your talent. Hard work always pays. Practically speaking, I want to tell the youth that if you are passionate about being a model then start working for it from today—there is no alternative to that. Also, one should have another way to earn bread and butter because now there are lacs of models and the competition is so much that you can't afford to just be a model. These things run parallel.''




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