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It's not often you see garments that leave you more energised than you were when you entered the store but Meerra Guptaa's collections never fail to stir the most harried fashion editor or the most demanding client.


I had been hearing of late that 'Meeraz' by Meerra Guptaa was a promising fashion label of the new guard and dropped into her flagship one day, where I was pleasantly surprised to observe that formal training has inculcated in her the attention to detailing, which is an intrinsic part of her work today. Her chic, handwoven silhouettes and intricate embellishments defy categorisation — it's simply understated, elegant, timeless. ''I was inclined towards Fashion from a young age so I pursued a diploma in Fashion Designing. I consider myself fortunate my hometown is a rich cultural region like Banaras, which has inspired so many creative fashion luminaries, but circumstances compelled me to shift base to Kolkata. After marriage, I moved to Delhi. So I set up base here'' she told me over a cup of black coffee.


Acclaimed for culling silhouettes from a treasure chest of classical references that represents extensive research and hard work, Meerra's signature is artfully draped ensembles embellished with intricate embroidery. The regal grandeur of old-world India highlights the label's personality… something she imbibed from her parents' and grandparents' rich heritage since childhood. From a business standpoint, this is the look her clients appreciate and from a creative angle it gives her carte blanche to indulge in intricate handwork and embroidery styles!


That said, her signature is old world elegance but she's clued into global trends. ''Social media is influencing Fashion. Because of social media, fashion is accessible to everyone. It's not just being worn but being understood and appreciated'' she ponders. Before leaving, I took a close look at her clean cut, minimalist silhouettes which I can best describe as "regal chic". Is it a wonder then that despite designer labels mushrooming on the fashion landscape.. 'Meeraz' has been chosen to showcase its newest collection at an exhibit in Dubai next week? But more on that later!


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