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Padmashri Ritu Kumar is acclaimed for the astringent futurism that characterises her brand… steeped in the revivalism of centuries-old textile tradition. I recall a conversation with her during one of her shows where she had explained, ''I work on a few revivalist collections each year. India is unique because we have an organic craft-oriented fashion identity, one which the rest of the world has lost. Continued recognition of the craftsmen, and renewing their skills, keeps the crafts relevant and refreshed. Heritage textile craft now comes under the brand umbrella of luxury, in today's world of mass production.'' So, it was no wonder there was a lot of excitement in the Capital at the unveiling of her new festive bridal collection at the flagship. Walking in, I felt like Alice tumbling into the fabled hole. Sufi artist Deeu Khan and his troupe were singing passionately, without a mike, and there wasn't one among the guests who wasn't spellbound. Checking out the classic collection, I was awed by ensembles lavished with rich artisanal handwork. This festive bridal line, in sumptuous colours, would undoubtedly be favoured by brides and their families in any part of the world!! And, as I sipped wine, tied a festive gajra around my wrist and sang along to Sufi classics, a steady stream of guests poured in to indulge in some retail therapy. and festivities Cheers!


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