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— Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra has mastered the art of being creative on a hamster-wheel Fashion schedule that demands a sprint from collection to collection — and come up with a winning bridal line. Here, he shares his untold story.


''As a designer, I've always aspired to modernise Indian craftsmanship by infusing fresh upbeat aesthetics into the traditional artisanal methods of creating clothes. I design for the young Indian woman, who is rooted in the dynamic contemporary world and her Indian heritage, by combining the complex relationship between Fashion and the country's rich textile craft. So essentially my designs are a reflection of the new India, the evolving India — colourful, dynamic, lively but elegantly grounded in its history and tradition. I use fashion as a medium to showcase Indian crafts and techniques in this light; to achieve this I balance heritage craft techniques like mirror work, Lucknowi hand embroidery and intricate threadwork with fresh colour, silhouettes and an understated young aesthetic.


'An Untold Story' is the visual narrative of my vision to modernise Indian craftsmanship — fused with my imagination and my childhood memories… stories I've never told anyone. The collection is a re-imagination of an ideal wedding and reflects the dynamic evolved sensibilities of a strong independent woman. It is with my memories that I approached this collection… memories of clinking glass bangles, giggling girlfriends teasing the bride, the soft happy tears of a mother that she gently wiped off on a pallu with sona embroidery. As a child, I was always fascinated with the minute details of a wedding, particularly the demure bride; the glimmer of hope in her eyes, the clinking bangles, the hands fragrant with mehendi. With this collection, I want the Abhinav Mishra bride to relive such moments, with me. That said, it is my first bridal collection and unfolds in four layers — the festive mehendi, the glamorous cocktails, the spectacular wedding and the joyful reception. In this collection, the bride, her family and friends can find ensembles for all the bridal occasions.


I'd like to mention here that the Indian fashion landscape is evolving for designers and consumers. With globalisation, we have entered the digital age that has made the world a smaller place, offering a wide assortment of options in both the domestic and International market. However, I would like the Indian fashion industry to have more global presence; that is slowly changing with growing awareness thanks to social media. Another thing I wish would happen is strong presence of Indian designers and brands on International e-commerce portals; it has begun happening but at a slow pace. That said, the Internet is a boon to Fashion. Our business operations have significantly changed — my label is available in multi-designer stores and e-commerce portals. Collaborations with multi-designer stores in The United States and Canada has given it more visibility and helped us in achieving significant clientele in the global market. Seeing these developments, I'm shortly going to launch my website which will be a virtual portfolio of the collections I have created over the years. So, the future looks bright!! We are expanding our base — I am looking at more stores in Delhi and Mumbai and am also targeting cities in the southern belt. With a growing International clientele, I aspire to expand to the US, UK and Middle East. Lastly, I'm also looking at working on a heavier bridal line eventually.''

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