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From inspiration to storyboard to explaining the design to artisans to displaying it, how many times does a fashion week collection undergo changes in theme, design, scratch and begin all over again...? In my case, I start with the concept that is the emotion/ thought/ idea I want to convey. Then comes the visual and physical representation of the same. Hence, throughout the journey from storyboard to execution, the theme remains the same but the visual representation may change due to a particular design proving impractical to execute, a newer and better thought or just minor changes in composition as the piece comes into being.

Since we do not really do fashion jewellery per se, seasonality does not affect out work. Most of our pieces are precious for their conceptual content and can be worn throughout a lifetime. Our newest collection for the Lakme Fashion Week Spring resort 2011 holds a surprise!! This collection is titled 'Wedding Jewels' and is absolutely the last thing that anyone expects from me! However, we have remained true to our aesthetic as the collection talks of a radically different concept of jewellery… but more on that once the collection is launched!

From my experience, I would like to advise young jewellery students-turned-aspiring designers to focus on learning their technical skills and at the same not allowing their weight to restrict you to traditional methodologies. Allow your creative process to begin from freethinking and imagination!

PS if this blog has put you in the mood for jewel shopping go for 1) metal replicating the fine and intricate patterns in lace. Hand cut fretwork is the high end of the spectrum and mass produced laser-cut pieces are at the other end. 2) New Minimalism i.e. wear less jewellery but more meaningful ones. Pieces that are symbolic, stand for their belief, and speak of their soul. 3) Gold is back as a color. It goes with the vintage feel as well as tones down the structured, hard-edged polished metal pieces with a futuristic bent.

Lakme Fashion Week Autumn Festive 2010
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20-AUGUST-2011 Eina Ahluwalia
Sorry I just saw your post Shantipriya! Traditional craft is a skill that helps us express ourselves, so we don't necessarily want to be free of it, but yes, we can break away from the traditional applications of the craft and do something completely different with it... How about that? :) All the best!
05-MARCH-2011 shantipriya
I'm so grateful for your advice Eina. It has freed me from the restrictions of traditional craft. i am from Madras and studying jewellery in Bangkok. Could not decide my path but it seems clear now.
01-MARCH-2011 Eina Ahluwalia
Hi Payal, conceptual jewellery always has a story whether it sits in a gallery or a store, and with the right kind of styling this story can be played out more clearly during a runway show. The "Breathing Space" woman is an independent, individualistic woman who wears jewellery that she identifies with… jewellery that moves her, expresses who she is and what she feels... Hope that helps :) Cheers and wish you luck!
01-MARCH-2011 payal jaikishan
Are your collections geared towards the catwalk because of the theatrical angle? What kind of consumers are you targeting? I'm just inquisitive from the perspective of a fashion student.
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