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When I was in Sandakphu (border of Sikkim, West Bengal, Nepal) last year, my friends were participating in a 110-miles Himalaya Race and during a chat with Priya Dashani and Ram Sethu, they said "We are hitchhiking from Pairs to Goa".

Since I wanted to attend Cannes Film Festival 2012, I decided to travel from Mumbai to Paris on a bike! As I am also into photography, along with the motorbike trip, I decided to meet some interesting people on the journey and document their story. And later on come out with a photo story / coffee table book on peace and change with their stories and photographs. In November, my friend from Ahmadabad, Parth Vasavada, showed interest in the journey and I couldn't say no. Parth is Founding Member-President of Yuva Unstoppable and Founder of Youth Recruitment Program that represents the true inspirational face of the Indian youth. We jointly started working on the trip planning and he came up with the name 'De Paix Yatra'. De Paix means peace in French. 
Our mission: De Paix Yatra aspires to honor the revolutionists and peacemakers of eight nations (India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and England)... people who have devoted their lives to bring change. Getting connected with the change-makers and revolutionaries of eight nations across the world and finding out the stories of change from this part of the world is the only mission of this great life changing journey. De Paix Yatra will be a an journey that will have impact and help youth to be the change and to lead the change. Such a mission is very important because peace is very important in the world.
Our itinerary is quite interesting. De Paix Yatra will be the unique bike journey that will travel 8 nations, 50+ cities and will connect more than 300 million youth to spread the message of oneness, unity, love, peace and justice. It will be flagged off from Mumbai in April and will travel on a pre-conceived route for 65 days and will finish at London in June 2012. This Yatra will have a team of four people (2 riders, 1 anchor, 1 peace and youth consultant) who will be taking the message of Swami Vivekananda and India to the world through peace talks, kindness shows, Free Hugs campaigns, music shows and youth exhibitions in schools, colleges and Universities. The entire Yatra will be documented via collecting unheard stories, photographs and documentaries.
The way forward: • A book of all collected stories will be published • The journey and experiences will be documented in the form of a short film. • Letters of love will be launched with this Yatra. The maximum response we got is from Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are looking forward to host us. Ali Azmat (singer) is hosting our dinner in Lahore. We got hold of him on Twitter. See the power of social media! We also reached out to FREECULTR (our official apparel partner) on twitter. It is great to see a lifestyle brand associating with the cause. Their name speaks volumes. Freedom. Freedom of culture. Freedom to live in any culture you wish. We are really thankful to them that they decided to be a part of our journey. 
• Nitesh Square is an Artistic Photographer. Filmmaker, Photo-Journalist, Peacemaker and Social Change Activist for goodness. He has volunteered with several local and international NGOs like Yuva Unstoppable, Manav Sadhna, Indicorps, World Camp, Inc etc. A former journalist of The Indian Express and DNA, Ahmadabad. Today, he lives in Mumbai and travels all over to explore art. 
• Parth Vasavada is an acclaimed social agent of change and social entrepreneur. He is Founding Member-President of Yuva Unstoppable and Founder of Youth Recruitment Program. Parth is associated with organizations like Gujarat Government, GCCI, Assocham, Shatayu, Monitor Group etc. Many Social Movements have been shaped under his leadership. He represents the face of today's Indian youth. He lives in Ahmadabad. 
• Debi Dutta, actor - model - anchor, started her acting career in Yash Raj film 'Rocket Singh'. Been the face of Close Up and featured in several TVCs such as Thump Up, HCL, Pepsi. This is the first time she will be part of such a movement and is looking forward to the journey. She lives in Mumbai.
• Lamiya Patel, Geologist by profession. She is also Environmentalist, Activist for Animal Rescue and a Historian. Lamiya leads a group which helps Domestic violence victims. She had volunteered and raised money online for Darfur crisis and Oxfam's "Make Poverty History" Campaign. She lives in Ahmadabad.
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31-MARCH-2012 Nitesh Square
Thank you so much guys for your support and wishes. Our website is under-construction. Till then plz follow us on Twitter: @DePaixYatra and on facebook: http://facebook.com/depaixyatra * If you wish to help us in anyway do drop an email on journey@depaixyatra.org or call +91-9096754955. Promoter/Rider Nitesh Square. De Paix Yatra :)
31-MARCH-2012 Kalpana Nair
Why not ad people along the way... all those who want to be a part of history?
31-MARCH-2012 niketan
good work, guys!
31-MARCH-2012 Namrata Guha
Good movement. Do keep us posted about your journey. Keep a diary!! Make us a part of your movement.
30-MARCH-2012 Sucharita Bose
Kudos to the team.
30-MARCH-2012 manisha thakur
I'm particularly glad to see Nitesh and Debi taking a sabbatical from glamour for this pioneering movement. You make us proud. Cheers!
30-MARCH-2012 Aastha Bedi
All the best. Proud of the famous four.
30-MARCH-2012 Mandira Bedi
It is so heartening and an emotional moment to see youngsters from varied backgrounds (including glamour) come forward for such a revolutionary movement. The nation blesses them and wishes them success.
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