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Bridal is the quintessence of classic creativity which Prêt tends to disregard, thrown into economic strategies of trending.

Owing to this, bridal trends in India are going through a transition and it is in an interesting phase. Brides are investing in pieces that can be multi-tasked and not just remain one time occasion wear. I personally am of the opinion that couture trends need to be filtered down to a luxury prêt category to reach a wider audience as the price points then become accessible to a wider audience. This would ensure a classier bride wearing a designer tag and yes a bigger volume for designers too!

So the emerging trends for the upcoming bridal season is on making an ensemble multi task; the recent recession has taught us world wide how to stretch our rupee! Therefore, while the mood and the theme stay grand and opulent, bridal trends are evolving to make it more contemporary while keeping the wedding day aesthetic intact. Hence, the D-day lehenga and other pieces leading to the wedding need to do their job and multi-task beyond the wedding date. 

The bridal market has evolved in terms of presentation, bridal couture and consumer demand in the past five years. People are more aware of designer wear than before, and hence the demand has increased. No one wants to go back to the neighborhood sari store to pick her wedding lehenga. It is seen more as an emotional investment and meant to serve a longer, active shelf life. Hence, there is also a demand for multi-tasking trousseau.

I have been asked if I am considering taking Bridal Asia in to Tier-II cities. Not really! People from these Tier II cities come to our Delhi exhibition anyways. They like to experience the feel of "luxury". Cities in the north like Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Lucknow and Meerut contribute a major chunk of our footfalls. In fact, we get flooded with phone calls and enquiries on the dates of the exhibition. People from these cities love to shop big because of dearth in their cities and like to club it with their regular fix of travelling to a metro. That said… there are few interesting plans of expansion in the pipeline that you will certainly get to know as s it comes through. Nevertheless, exciting times ahead!

Divya Gurwara
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