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''Winning is no rocket science. It's just the question of understanding, practicing and mastering the inside secrets. Unfortunately most of the pageant contestants come to the auditions without nay preparation or prior knowledge to what lays in store for them. Each chapter of this book is a step forward and moulds YOU into a better you…'' says Sushmita Sen in the forward to Rita Gangwani's 'The Beauty Pageant's Greenroom'. That—in a nutshell—is the core of this book; written by pageant mentor and juror, it is a valuable encyclopaedia for all the girls who aspire to enter a pageant as it chronicles all the steps a contestant would encounter and how to ace it.


As I turned the pages, I was engrossed at the painstaking detailing, right from why girls must enter a pageant to how to build your personality and self confidence to 428 potential questions a contestant could be asked by jurors! And that's just the first few pages!! Carrying on, the author stresses on the importance of hygiene — right from body odour to hair and nail hygiene — and provides tips for everything from hygiene to homemade masks and skincare to a healthy diet — all of which doesn't cost more than ingredients found in the kitchen! PS aspiring contestants would find chapters on wardrobe management and makeup tips useful indeed. And all of this is just prepping before the pageant!


I love the way the author has simplified the pageant for the readers and takes aspiring contestants through all the phases — with tips and simple solutions on each step — right from the acing the auditions to the different rounds to expectations from the winner after winning the crown. ''It may be easy to find success but it is very difficult to maintain it… you will be treated like a VIP. Believe me, it takes you on a power trip.'' Small significant nuggets like this are laced throughout the book, punctuated with solutions to each situation a contestant or winner may find themselves in. THAT is what makes this book so valuable.


There are almost fifty pages on the different etiquettes a winner [not just a pageant winner but anyone who wants to ace life] should practice — right from gym etiquettes to social etiquettes, business card etiquette, networking etiquette and so much more. Did you know that there is a certain etiquette even on watsapp and social media? I bet you didn't! Now that's how comprehensive this book is. I am going to end this review by absolutely insisting that all pageant aspirants, models, actors and in fact anyone who wants to ace at life buy and read this book thoroughly, and here I am going to quote the author — ''This will help you face life challenges more calmly, be focused and respond from the centre. Once your core is empowered, you will be able to handle your life and daily situations like a winner.''

Rita Gangwani's 'The Beauty Pageant's Greenroom'
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