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A few years back I observed my buddy Sahil Salathia mature from the threshold of fashion to starring in major campaigns and commercials. Today he's playing the lead role of mountaineer Arjun in Ashutosh Gowariker’s "Everest" and is flooded with film offers. Over to the heartthrob of teenage girls!

"I feel I'm living a dream. I was approached for the lead role of "Everest" by casting director Nalini Rathnam who is one of the biggest names in casting! She introduced me to Ashutosh Gowariker and that's how it all started. I did a series of look tests for the part, trust me, about 8-10 tests! It went on for a month. The criterion was an actor who could not only emote but do dare devil stunts as well. I guess they thought I was apt as far as that was concerned!! How lucky is that?!
It was a physically challenging role but the team is a phenomenal one to debut with! Ashutosh Gowariker and AR Rahman were coming together after films like "Lagaan", "Jodhaa Akbar" and "Swades" for their first television show and I was getting the opportunity to play the male lead… I was simply blown away with this itself!! Then came in the whole concept of the show which is so unique! It is the first time ever a show has been filmed on the highest peak in the world — Everest!! And my character is a dream role to play because it has a zillion layers and so many shades... there is just way too much scope to perform! I just hope I have lived up to the expectations! As the physical aspect is concerned, I have always been a fit man and fitness is a part of my lifestyle. I enjoy challenges!
Once we began filming in Uttarkhand I couldn't believe that I was actually shooting for something I had never even dreamt of. It was way too big a production, way too brilliant a team, way too many excellent aspects related to the show! Uttarkhand is a special place.. it’s just so scenic and we had a two-month schedule there! Every single day was a blessing! We mainly shot at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) which was a pleasure considering it's one of the best in the world! Sure it was too cold and it was very difficult sometimes considering we were shooting in —6 temperature on the glacier, didn't bathe for a month, were sleeping in tents for about a month at a stretch at Dokriani Glacier but never did I feel..”why?!?!” I felt too blessed to be complaining! It was a professional, secure environment. We always had a team of doctors with us, even on the glacier, and for the action sequences we had Action Director Amar Shetty with us. Trust me, he has the best team in Bollywood when it comes to stunts! Having said that, I have done every single stunt myself but the action team was always there to support me!
Looking back, I started filming for "Everest" in January and we just finished filming in October — that's the amount of love and hard work that has gone into it. The three of us (Rohan, Shamata and I) were together since January considering we had an extensive schedule being the three leads of the show but we had a huge supporting cast for different phases of our lives in the sh. In NIM.. we worked with about twenty actors who were a delight to work with.. we have Rajat Kapoor, Milind Gunaji and other wonderful actors in the show who taught us so much in terms of life and the craft.. and having Ashu sir on set with us every single day is another learning experience altogether! Our director duo Glen Baretto and Ankush Mohla were genius and our award winning cinematographers like Mahesh Anney, Piyush Shah and Alphonse Roy have again added so much to my learning curve as an actor! I have loved and lived "Everest" this entire year and learned too much to even put it in words!
Right now, I’m promoting "Everest" across the nation and in an exclusive contract with AGPPL (Ashutosh Gowariker Productions) but there have been several film offers since "Everest" has gone on air and that's a great feeling, being appreciated and taken seriously as an actor—and so soon! For now I am living my character Arjun and the magnum opus "Everest" every single moment :-)

Sahil Salathia as Arjun in
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16-DECEMBER-2014 aditi anand
hi arjun u played a great role in Everest and look so hot
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