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Felix Bendish completed his education from Raheja School of Fashion and ventured into couture embroideries and fashion accessories. Here, he shares his experience of showcasing at London Fashion Week.


Felix you are the first accessory designer to showcase in London Fashion Week. How is it different from your debut there?

London is a place to celebrate creativity. Every designer puts his best creative foot forward to do a presentation, as the whole world is reviewing your collection. There are several important people in the Fashion industry representing buyers, media, bloggers and fashionistas. So you need to know your job well and understand they International market and trends.


What was the inspiration and thought process for this collection?

My collection is titled "Oxygen". I believe in this fast moving world, we have forgotten to relax and take in the beautiful things around us. It could be people, nature, art or music.  We just need to give some time to ourselves. So the oxygen mask was connected to the heart. There was a transition in design from heart to flowers and animals motifs.


I translate a romance between fantasy and edge when I look at your collections. What defines your designs?

Quirkiness is what I really enjoy. Every designer must get innovation and  new ideas out for a better product. If you need to be out of the box then it's important that you experiment without any fear. This is how new ideas are born.


What was the response you received for this showcase?

Super. It's very important for the audience to genuinely like it, especially when it's London. It gives you a direction to achieve your goals when the collection is loved and acknowledged. Through this platform you can target stores and customers.


Felix what are the valuable insights you've taken with you from this season of London Fashion Week?

Apart from being creative, buyers and stores are looking at competitive pricing.


What accessory trends do you predict for the coming months?

Bigger the better. Large and over the top accessories;,well-coordinated would be loved and accepted.


What’s your favourite piece from your archive?

I love my iguana brooches which I had designed years back. It's still the most loved accessories which still dominates by my buyers.


From a business perspective.. as an accessory designer what challenges do you find in the Indian industry?

Buyers love buying clothes first, then jump on to accessories. That's the general idea we see in all trade shows and fairs. Also Indian people love gold, silver and diamonds from an investment point of view. but slowly there is a trend shift in quirky accessory and Jewellery. 


Do you have any advice for those hoping to break into the industry?

Capital and business space  is key for any business. The fashion business is an expensive affair.  We need to participate and connect with the fashion industry.  So make products of good quality and keep competitive pricing.


Are you working on any special projects or designs at the moment? What lies ahead in 2017?

Currently I am freelancing in embroideries on clothing and accessories as it's quite a hot seasonal trend.


Last- but not least- describe a day in the life of a jewellery designer.

Live, breathe and relax! Your work and family will be super............

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