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— Veronique Poles

''Royal Fables, launched in 2010, is a globally acclaimed, authentic platform for the great Indian regal heritage'', says luxury, lifestyle and fashion consultant Veronique Poles. ''It has held eight extravagant seasons, and travelled to New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Ahmedabad in India; Dallas, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Thailand,  Morrocco and Marrakech, overseas.''


''Since the beginning of this year, Royal Fables has been presenting several royal rendezvous: at Luxury Lifestyle Weekend India, Mumbai in March followed next month with a tour of Vancouver, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami to showcase The Royal Fables Trunk Collection — a capsule version of its exposition, Royal Fables.


My thoughts? What a wonderful journey dedicated to a celebration of the love, passion and fascination for the rich craft heritage of the Indian princely states, with the aim and strong determination of reviving the culture of indigenous crafts the way it prevailed in palace studios… back in the day. We often amplify the connection of Royal families of India with Europeans brands as many fairytales are found on extravagant pieces commissioned to them, but we haven't highlighted the contributions of Indian princely states in many aspects of Indian life — historical, cultural, spiritual and economic. Royal families were used to having artists painting their lifestyle and dedicated a huge area in their palaces i.e. a studio or atelier called ‘karkhana' where master craftsmen worked diligently to design anything the royals desired or perhaps a piece for a specific event or celebration… from the most exquisite outfits to silver artefacts, furniture, ornaments and so much more! Their life gravitated towards fashion, luxury and lifestyle and those 'karkhanas' were deeply linked to each family's history and heritage. Today, most Royal families proudly carry forward the culture, the values and the rich heritage of their ancestors. Royal Fables brings under one roof, handicrafts from the princely states of India, with its list of participants including several royal families from across the length and breadth of the nation.


Taking responsibility to showcase Indian living heritage either in India or to India diaspora in the rest of the world is a duty and a challenge at the same time. It allows artists and artisans to follow the footsteps of their ancestors, passing from one generation to the next, incomparable repertoire of skills used in luxury fashion and lifestyle, keeping alive the art, craft and culture of India and providing craftspeople sustenance. Attending Royal Fables is to support this initiative to promote Royal India in all its glory, to encourage participants in their endeavour to promote with pride, their art and crafts, to develop a sensitivity for the handmade and to enjoy a unique Royal shopping experience of art, textiles, jewellery and more, from leading palace studios across the nation alongside a few collections of leading indian designers.


With Gujarat being a land of palatial palaces and majestic Princely states, and Ahmedabad, India's first world heritage city, Royal Fables initiated a new fairytale here with a two-day royal affair in association with Kishandas and co., supported by HELLO!, Petal Foundation, EO Gujarat, Maserati, and Hyatt Vastrapur. On 8 August, Umang Hutheesing Fall Winter 2018 enhanced with jewellery by Kishandas and co, was presented by Hello! and Royal Fables, with the soulful voice of the great Vidya, as a mesmerising performance in the backdrop. What a wonderful moment celebrating the beauty and magnificence of textiles with its flamboyant colors, prints and craft textures, and HH Maharani Radhika Raje Gaekwad of Baroda, HH Maharani Ambica Raje of Sandhur, Nawab Kazim Ali Khan of Rampur, HH Girandjali Shah Mandawa and HH Alaukika Raje of Jasdan walking the ramp to gracefully close the show in Umang Hutheesing's signature royal capes and shawls! This unprecedented celebration on the ramp left us fascinated and remained a topic of conversation during the post-show dinner.


On the morning of 9 August, beautiful in their colourful saris, ladies from Ahmedabad, thrilled to enjoy a unique experience of regal shopping, arrived much before the official opening!! The Royal Fables exposition was unveiled in the presence of Chief Guest H.H. Maharani Radhika Raje Gaekwad of Baroda and guest of honour Shri. Uday Singh Mahurkar, author and Deputy Director of India Today. For its first exposition in Ahmedabad, with the objective of every season reaching a higher level, Royal Fables witnessed HH Maharani Radhika Raje Gaekwad of Baroda, Princess Vashnavi Kumari of Kishangarh, Princess Krishna Kumari of Panna, Princess Manjari Mishra of Ayodhya, Prince Yatindra Mishra of Ayodhya, Ambika Ghorpade Sandur, Rani Kavita Kumari Sahiba Jodhpur, Kanwarani Kamini Singh Seohara, Baisa Pushpita Singh Kharwa, Rani Jaykirti Singh Baria, Kanwarani Dipti Singh, Kachhi Baroda, Kanwarani Geetanjali Singh Idar, Umang Hutheesing, Kanwarani Sunita Singh Khajurgaon, Thakurani Darshana Kumari of Mandawa, Rajkumari Veena Singh Padrauna, R.K. Geetanjali Shah of Tehri Garhwal, Kanwarani Meenal Singh of Dhenkanal, Rupal Shabnam Tyagi Nehtaur and various cultural and artistic sessions. It started with a spectacular, unforgettable performance by Padma Bhushan Dr. Mallika Sarabhai and a very interesting talk on the role of Royals as patrons of arts by Maratha noble Shri Uday Mahurkar. following which Padma Vibhushan and Dr. Mallika Sarabhai unveiled Petal Foundation's elephant: this elephant by L.N.Tallu, a part of the iconic Elephant Parade, was acquired by the city's leading art promoter Khushboo Bagga. Just before lunch time, the royal journey turned towards the kitchen of Hyatt, which was transformed into a Kitchen Of The Kings during a demonstration by Nawab Kazim Ali Khan of Rampur who shared with a very captivated audience, two of his favorite recipes, while narrating childhood memories of the traditions followed back in the day, in Royal kitchens.


Reflecting on the experience, the debut edition in Ahmedabad was a great success and people there are eagerly awaiting the next season. I feel this exposition, open to all, created awareness of the richness, variety and importance of Indian Royal Heritage, and connected young people with living heritage. The restless mission of Anshu Khanna and her vibrant team and their efforts to develop this platform will connect future generations with their heritage and make them proud to be Indian. Last but not least, based on their success, and to further celebrate Heritage, Anshu Khanna,her royal patrons and Hello! magazine are already working on developing Season 10, the milestone edition to be held in New Delhi in September 2018 and fairytales in new destinations in 2019, both in India and overseas! Do not miss them!!''

Royal Fables
Umang Hutheesing Fall Winter '18
Umang Hutheesing Fall Winter '18
The kitchen of Hyatt was transformed into a Kitchen Of The Kings during a demonstration by Nawab Kazim Ali Khan
With Team Royal Fables Ahmedabad!
A Royal shopping experience in Ahmedabad!
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