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ROYAL DIARIES: Princess Vaishnavi Kumari of Kishangarh

Princess Vaishnavi Kumari of Kishangarh, heiress to a rich legacy of miniature art, has reinterpreted it to appeal to the modern lifestyle. The results are stunning. Observing the handpainted ensembles, home and personal accessories at her stall in Royal Fables, I asked her how she planned to uplift miniature art. “Unfortunately, there has been a decline in miniature art. My motivation in pursuing a graduate course in design at NIFT, post graduate in Asian Art at SOAS University and a short course in art history at London’s British Museum was to identify ways in which I could nurture miniature art in my capacity as a patron in Kishangarh,” she explained to me over a cup of green tea in a khullar. “My ancestors have always believed in preserving the regional art and giving employment to the artists. In 2010, I founded Studio Kishangarh to perpetuate this tradition. My aspiration was to preserve the art of miniature painting by providing employment to the local artists; to revitalise the art form by maintaining the traditional techniques yet introducing new mediums and colours; and diversifying into garments, home accessories and stationary in which I have retained motifs characteristic to miniature art, like the sacred cow, the lotus, Bani Thani and Radha Krishna. Although the art is contemporary, reflections of their ancient heritage can be clearly seen in the works as we only employ artists from Kishangarh as they have learnt the art from their forefathers. We use the ancient techniques on new mediums.” Indeed, it was a showcase of how the royal lineage of Kishagarh is taking heritage art forward.

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27-SEPTEMBER-2015 sham patwardhan
Wishing House of Kishangarh all the best for continuing the particular Kishangarh painting style.
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