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It has been a fluke choosing design as a career. I was always interested in fashion but never the technical part!  I joined SNDT Womens University just because a friend and I thought the course would be fun but it turned out to be three years of hardcore fashion training.

I didn't enjoy it at all since I only wanted to do the styling and sketching and designing part of it and the first year was hard since most girls came from a technical background and I didn't even know how to hold a needle or knit! I was good at theory but terrible at garment construction and stood last in class but when it came to sketching and designing capsule collections, I was the most popular student!

There has never been any pressure (due to illustrious parents) nor will there ever be... or maybe I do not feel it. Maybe if I were bad at what I did I would feel pressure to excel. I just do my thing and don't really care about results and reactions. I design for women who are fearless and independent and have a strong voice of their own in every matter. I design for those who respect Indian textiles and heritage. If someone tells me they like my sari but want me to add Swarovski to make it look heavily embellished I would never do it! The women I design for are secure of their personality!
People have often questioned me on the importance of participation in fashion week as compared with shows in target markets but it depends which fashion week it is! Some are important as a PR activity to put your new collection out there and some are good for business. Therefore, it is important to pick the event! From hereon expansion plans are in place. For starters, the launch of my store in Delhi and my online store is up and running now! I have no other plan as of now and I will play it by ear. It's all been spontaneous in the past two years. The only thing I do have in mind is diversifying into lifestyle products like home décor but at a much later stage... perhaps five years down the line! Right now I need to focus on clothes!
I am signing off now with the hottest trends... color blocking will stick on until early next year and hemlines will increase! We will also see a lot of florals doing the rounds!
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14-DECEMBER-2011 Mandira Bedi
Honest and candid.. can expect nothing less than that from Masaba!!
12-DECEMBER-2011 Picky C
Amazing grace! Love her!
12-DECEMBER-2011 nikhil thampi
there is none like her and i don't think there would be another masaba. SHE'S ACE AT WHAT SHE DOES.
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