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What are we looking forward to at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival? Demystifying the Drape hosted by Shaina N.C. where she deconstructs the regular saree drape and transforms it into something delightful and distinctive!

For all those who thought the saree was a boring option for day or evening... do attend this workshop to learn 50 different ways a classic saree can be re-vamped! Talking about her association with Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2012, Shaina NC explains:  Every year people have great expectations from Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. This year I am doing a saree draping session that is meant to appeal to all saree wearers and also not-so-frequent saree wearers. I look forward to show them various types of drapes from across our country. I believe a saree is not just a national costume but a style statement and an international costume. The highlights are Double Saree with 12 yards of Fabric, how a saree should be worn over churidar or jeans, and how a saree can worn be worn as a sarong or lunghi!
DATE: 6 February 2-3.30 pm
Shaina NC demonstrates a saree drape
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