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My first season of the fashion calendar was in Cape Town, second in India and I wanted to spend my last season out of the country. So here I am in Shanghai!

I began planning from July and shortlisted options of countries where I could get some quality work. I sent my look book to one of the good agencies in Shanghai and almost as though this were all a dream... they liked my look book and immediately sent me air tickets for a three-month season! It was a dream! I have always wanted to do International work and Nov-Jan is a prime season in Shanghai. Hence the choice to come down to China for the season!
Shanghai is a good market for male models both for shows and print. Every day I go for castings where I meet models from all over the world and trust me I feel so good and confident that I am from India and competing with all these seasoned global models. Sometimes we get two castings in a day and at times even three casting calls! I must advise Indian models to try for the China market!
The overall experience has been good so far. I came here on 9-Nov and I have done one shoot and one show in the past 12 days and am getting a good response from clients. I am very happy that this is only my second International experience this year and I am expecting more jobs in December! Here models works on hourly basis the minimum is 4 hours and if a photographer wants you to stay on longer then you can make good money! The crew is really professional and organized here... they make your videos at the castings be it a shoot or show and also your profile shots if we are auditioning for a print advertisement! 
The future looks bright! My future plans is to see myself walk in Milan after the Lakme Fashion Week season is over or maybe in New York. So let me pray with fingers crossed and hope for the best.
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05-FEBRUARY-2012 rashit
Best wishes Kabir.....
17-DECEMBER-2011 Rahul Sengar
hiii kabir u were always my favourite model,,,,i have seen u in a audition at Shreeji (Andheri),,,,my dream is to become a successful model like you,,, all the very best bro ,,,
15-DECEMBER-2011 kabir singh
thanks guys...................
14-DECEMBER-2011 preetham jukalker
good luck kabir...
14-DECEMBER-2011 Amanda S.
thats a well written post. i'm talkin 'matter' wise. All the best Kabir..in ur future endeavors.
14-DECEMBER-2011 sameer
Cool man Keep it up
14-DECEMBER-2011 pooja
best of luck.... :)
28-NOVEMBER-2011 mrinalini bose
Keep working hard and enjoying the good life Kabir
27-NOVEMBER-2011 Nripta Rai
God bless u my beshto besht buddy
22-NOVEMBER-2011 Prerna Nath
Thank you Jasmeen for encouraging our Indian models to blog on your popular website and let the world know how our models are doing so well!
22-NOVEMBER-2011 mohandeep
Is life in Shanghai tough? Expensive? Or pretty much the same? Do u miss the adulation u get here in Mumbia?
22-NOVEMBER-2011 anonymous
Do you have a girlfriend?
22-NOVEMBER-2011 Tania Mehrason
KABIIIIIIR You are the hottest model in India. We come to Fashion Week to see you. Dont shift to Shanghai :P
22-NOVEMBER-2011 ramiya
I love you KABIR!!!!!!
22-NOVEMBER-2011 mandeep
O Kabir India misses you. You are so hot!!!!
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