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Charu Parashar has joined hands with fundraiser 'Nobility For Ability' to help manifest Piya Bajwa's vision for women empowerment and the differently-abled. The designer would be showcasing a khadi silk collection at Chantilly Polo Club during Nobility for Ability Charity Polo Cup, with a vision to integrate khadi into modern global design that in turn would create employment opportunities for craft clusters. Over to her.


"'Nobility For Ability' is conceptualised by Piya Bajwa, a cancer survivor and the proud parent of a special child, who has faced the toughest trials that life can throw at a woman. She was empowered by her strong will, and the help of many to face the tribulations and come out a more resilient individual, and now she wants to build an inclusive society for children with special needs and women who are labeled by people who are oblivious, judgmental or insensitive to their pain. Many in our country believe disability is a curse and woman who go through cancer, divorce or other trials of life are to be shunned. 'Nobility For Ability' is an effort to change this mindset.


Paris being the hub for Art and Culture, it's every designer's dream to showcase there so when I was invited I decided to show Khadi silk which is very close to my heart; I've created a magical story of Khadi Silk and craftsmanship which will unfold on the 24 June at Chantilly Polo Club during the Nobility for Ability Charity Polo Cup under the patronage of Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur. I strongly feel this event will initiate recognition of weavers and craftsmen who've upheld decades-old traditions. It's our Hon'ble Prime Minister's dream to promote khadi and take it from local to global. We have to create awareness about the swadeshi fabric, which is not only hand spun and hand woven but inspires freedom and harmony. My work towards using it as a mainstream fabric in my collection is a little step in that direction. The real custodians of our rich cultural heritage need our help today… the weavers and craftsmen who have kept khadi alive for centuries need our support and encouragement. Moreover, adopting the model of designer-weaver partnership could open different avenues towards adopting khadi in mainstream fashion.


The global Fashion industry must perceive the magic of khadi and its versatility. We need to innovate and accessorise the khadi ensembles to give it a glam look. I wish to see khadi silk on the International red carpet. But it's a long road to that first… we need to first create awareness, educate and then introduce products both in India and worldwide. And I urge all designers to create a khadi-based line and promote it using their vast reach. That said, I feel deeply for special children and women. The reason for me to join hands with 'Nobility For Ability' is to help Piya Bajwa's vision to have a secure learning environment for special children, manifest. I also hope that the school for specially abled children comes alive with the support of likeminded people. As a designer, I would want to contribute my resources and reach towards this cause and extend my support for the same.''

Charu Parashar
Charu Parashar
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