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— Jasmeen Dugal

Karishma Modi Chandhoke won Femina Look Of The Year '99 and 'Miss Talented' at Elite Model Look '99 in France. She has travelled the world and has rich experience in pageantry, modeling and acting. Over to the star-truffled mentor at National Academy Of Modelling And Acting.


''When I compare it to the time I began modelling, I feel the industry has de-generated. The quality of models has gone down and I blame this on the filtration process. Anyone with a huge fan following on Instagram considers themselves a model and bags random shoots and shows but they don't have a clue what modelling is about!! With all due respect to these kids, a random shoot, show or pageant does not make you a model. It's a serious career and not a hobby or time pass!! Sadly, many kids also get fooled by fake promises some agents make or they try the power of money… what they don't realise is that every profession needs talent and if they don't have it… it won't take them far!


The obsession with International models continues and this has decreased opportunities for Indian talent. I have seen so many good models out of work, taking the wrong path or working for peanuts to beat competition! This not only pulls the industry down but has an adverse effect on the mental health and self esteem of the kids!! What’s worse, there are so many pageants nowadays — if you don't get through one there are four waiting for you; all you have to do is pay a certain amount and you're a contestant whether you have what it takes or not! This is absolutely degenerative!!!! If we want to see genuine talent emerge from our country, on par with International standards, the process of selection has to become stringent and certain criteria must be strictly in place!!


In this milieu, Team NAMG has taken a great initiative. Until our base is strong, be it in modelling or sports, we cannot achieve!! Here, I must warn youngsters about random agencies who promise the stars with a crash course in modelling or acting, but it is just a sham!! Beware of that and please do not fall for it. The right foundation is very important. We at NAMG will not just pick up any applicant and turn them into a model; other than the standard criteria we look for that deep passion, confidence and will to work hard in order to achieve a long-term professional modelling career. I am going to end this soliloquy on modelling with a nugget of wisdom — a back up plan is crucial, not just for models, but for people in any field. Talking specifically about modelling, models should focus on other avenues as well because modelling is not a long-term career; there is cut throat competition and the lifeline of a model is too short. Sure, there is a lot of work in the industry but at the same time there is an influx of new talent every single day due to the lure of glam and glitter. So, explore related professions — today former models are mentors, fashion choreographers or show directors as they have the experience and the confidence to train upcoming talent!! Take inspiration from them!!


Taking it one step further, grooming is not just for models! With the level of competition we deal with today, everyone needs that extra edge to be at par with others; it's not restricted to models but corporates and people from the entertainment industry. The way you project yourself is how you will be evaluated. Today even a housewife, doctor or engineer would want to groom themselves for personal betterment! Image building is a serious concern and we at NAMG help people overcome issues which pull their confidence levels down and help them deal with it through professional consultation and grooming! My role and responsibilities is quite challenging — I help turn these people into someone new by teach them etiquette, mannerisms, cultivating a personal style and basic make-up — I get inspired by real transformation and contributing to someone's life.That said, what will set NAMG apart is our curriculum. We believe in grooming people in a manner which will help them in every phase of their life!''

Karishma Modi Chandhoke
Karishma Modi Chandhoke
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