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— Jasmeen Dugal

Gladrags Best Body 2003 Harrison James, founder of MFT "My Fitness Trainer", was born to be a mentor because he loves to motivate and train people. As fitness mentor at the National Academy Of Modelling And Grooming, he sheds light on why it's important to embrace a fit lifestyle.


"I consider myself fortunate that I modelled back in the days when all the models were respected and treated like a star. Each model had a great personality. I remember when we all used to chill at coffee shops, people used to come take photographs with us and ask for autographs; models were tall and beautiful with great personalities! Rahul Dev and Milind Sonam literally introduced beautiful bodies on Indian runways!! If you look back in time, every model had individuality; they were unique and since back in time fat burners supplements and 'other stuff' were not known, models would spend 2-3 hours in the gym every day to get that hot physique; so only those who had true passion and love for this career would embrace modelling. Today models look like they have come out from a xerox machine. They all look the same; bearded and hard to recognise at times who is who!


As a fitness expert what hurts me the most when young kids go for short term goals and want a body like XYZ. I truly wish, not only in India but around the world, men and women, girls and boys get serious about health and wellness. They should admire sports stars and not movie stars, with all due respect to movie stars as they do have a challenging life to live!! If you follow a sports star, you would go for discipline, you would go for strength, stamina, endurance, power. You will train to get stronger which eventually will be your beauty! That said, people often think getting into shape is challenging or losing weight is tough. The real challenge is to be consistent, patient and disciplined. We will face many excuses and diversions but we must set our priorities and stick to it no matter what! That is the tough part. I made a promise to myself when I was a child that I will live a healthy life and I am living it each day. How many of us can do that? Everyday new things, new taste lures us in the market and one wants to try it all because in social gatherings we want to show off that we have done it all. But then what happens is you are going towards your destination with diversions and halts. When you will get there? And you will feel when you get there is a messed up experience!! That said — lets talk about cheat days!! Cheat On Diet, Do Not Cheat On Training!! Cheating on the diet are the most important and fun days. This is how one learns to balance. It shows a controlled mind and that is the key to longterm success. now some donts. First, QUIT SMOKING — it is the most dangerous addiction; you buy it cheap but pay heavily with your health. Second, social drinking and keeping it to a glass or two in the week is manageable; not more than that. These addictions age you faster and attract health problems too. Get high on travel, adventures, good food, knowledge, sports and last but the most important — Fitness.


As a fitness mentor at National Academy Of Modelling And Grooming, I'm dedicated towards educating people about the simplicity of life, teaching them discipline and motivating them to stick to it. I make my training entertaining and real that one looks forward to coming back and exploring some more. Stud Training turns you into a Stud, physically and mentally. Life is beautiful and we all are blessed in someways but we tend to give in to weakness if we aren't guided well. My job is to make you familiar with your strengths, polish it and make you shine. That is how individuality is celebrated isn't it?! In detail, I will guide them to be their best and not be Salman Khan from that film!! My responsibility as a former model is to show them that individuality is unique and how to work on it. I am not in the fitness business to make money by selling information which is in trend — that is easy money. I go the tough way and keep chanting one thing over and over until I am heard and heard properly — Go Real, Be Yourself, Believe In Yourself, Life Is Beautiful, Live It Everyday. Dont compromise with quality, dont try to buy time by going on short term success routes! No one can buy time but certainly you can waste it on misguidance. My students will always remain close to me. I feel fortunate to meet different kids everyday and learn a great deal from their life. I want to exchange knowledge for knowledge. I also want to deliver what I have and shape their lives, make them headstrong and when they need me I am there.


Nothing is challenging for me. I train minds and bodies and have an experience of over a decade. Also, fresh minds are easy to mould so I am looking forward to training young individuals and helping them get better at handling tasks with ease. My students are going to be tough to beat!! So, get real; pampering will take you nowhere since the real world doesn't care if you are hurt but the same real world is always ready to give you a standing ovation if you get back on your feet and show them you are unbeatable. The world respects winners and at NAMG we are training you to make sure wherever you get in life, you succeed. That said, my plans for the future is to spread knowledge, train hard, enjoy life and soon I am gonna be a father so I will enjoy this new role in my life with my wife, Sucheta Sharma James."

Harrison James
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