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Those who've observed Ken Fern's ascent would have noted he designs for a rarefied customer... the kind who prefers a playful, smart look and would be willing to pay for the privilege. So it's no wonder his showcase at India Beach Fashion Week — in association with Romedy Now — is creating a buzz! In conversation with him.


''Showcasing at India Beach Fashion Week means a lot to me because I am from Goa. Goa is my lineage of ancestors, holiday destination, place of solace, just being with memories of growing up. I am Goan. Moreover, I design resort wear and beach clothing. So it's a fabulous platform for a designer like me to showcase my art, my talent. And I'm really happy to have this opportunity.


Reminiscing down memory lane… the instant I joined fashion school, it changed everything. Before this, I did not think of the nitty-gritty of fashion! But being a fashion educator changed me overnight. Although it was a gradual change, I began breathing fashion. Although yes I do have a lot of feathers in my cap — for example, when I graduated, I won the national level  Apex Trophy — and then I begun teaching fashion for ten years… just giving it all that I had. I educated so many young fashion designers. Those were special moments, special days. Then I began making clothes for friends, for myself, to get my creativity out there. Following which I was pulled into the television industry, which is the biggest industry in India, in the world! With God's blessings and my parent's blessings, I bagged shows like Jhalak Dikh La Ja, Bigg Boss, Nach Baliye and many more shows! I have been locked and blocked on shows season after season. And the finances from the shows helped me carve my niche in the world of Fashion. After all, doing shows, doing fashion weeks, season after season is expensive! These shows helped me get recognition in the thorough field of Fashion.


Now, I'm so deeply involved with Fashion and costume design. By God's grace, I manage to balance that thin line between fashion and costume designing: it is two different worlds and two different scenarios. So I try to maintain a balance throughout. The only thing constant is creativity. Creative force makes a difference. You are only different if you think differently. Me, my fashion sense is different because I think differently.  That's who I am. To end this blog, if I could give advice to my younger self, it would be — I have been patient and not hasty, taken the right decisions and made the right moves! Whatever little I have, whatever little I do, I will make history and I will be written about!!''

Ken Ferns
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