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''I'd like to share my journey of modeling, pageantry and acting so it helps young people aspiring to enter the profession. I hail from 'Parbhani' Maharashtra. I started performing at an early age and enjoyed acting, giving speeches and compering school annual days. And then I won local contest 'Mr. Parbhani' at sixteen, following which I moved to Pune for higher studies. But, the heart wants what it wants. Post graduation, I shifted to Mumbai to complete MBA. My interest in acting and modelling had taken a backseat, and post MBA, I worked as fashion consultant in Bollywood. That's where I got exposed to the industry and pursued my passion for modeling. I had the option of family business or corporate job but I chose to follow my heart, since I'd rather do it and regret it, than live with regrets.


With the grace of God, I've been doing good work. My parents are supportive of my career though it was inculcated in me to complete my education and have a back up plan before taking a plunge into modeling and acting. I've done short films, fashion weeks in India and shows overseas. But winning Rubaru Mr. India changed my life. It took me a while to digest the fact that I would be representing India at Mr. International 2018. It was a feeling of immense pride and at the same time it was a responsibility. In fact the most common misconception is pageant winners make promises but caught up in the vortex of fame and glamour. It takes great effort to remain grounded after a person gets a whiff of fame but all of that is short lived; one must use this recognition and title to motivate people to lend their support to causes, which need attention, and as a celebrity it becomes easier to inspire people to contribute in whatever way they can.I chose to make people aware of blood stem cell donations. At the end of the day, these are not causes; these are the needs of humanity!! Among crores of people in our country, there are thousands afflicted with rare diseases or are in dire need of not only financial help, but human support, someone just holding their hand and saying "Don't worry, I'm there with you'. That in itself is a huge support to any human being who is helpless.


DATRI is doing good work in an area people are not aware of, as the bigger causes are where attention is given. They have expanded well,and their reach is spreading day by day. When I wanted to associate with a social cause, I met my mentor Prof. Seema Mahajan, Director, NMIMS and discussed areas which required attention. We penned down causes like depression, education and cancer. Reading more about it, blood stem cell donation caught our eye and we decided that is something I should associate with. My primary role is to travel and explain to people that each one of us have potential to save a life without having to spend a single penny. There is no hard work or pain one has to go through… all you need is willingness to help! I encourage people to register with us and be potential life savers. Because, my learning is that as individuals, we can make such a difference to so many lives just by putting our heart and soul in promoting the cause. If each individual devotes a little time for a noble cause, how happy and healthy our society can be! It is a beautiful journey — the smiles, the way people endear themselves to you, the pure affection. No amount of worldly pleasures can give one the satisfaction that just one genuine smile can! That said, I view this phase of my life as the learning curve — it came at the right time and in the right way. This phase has given me impetus that I can motivate people and make a difference to the lives of people who are suffering; this period gave me the strength and the conviction that we, as humans, have infinite capabilities; it just needs direction and dedication.


Today I am preparing to become a good actor. Generally an actor's life and work is perceived as glamorous and cushioned, but the reality is far from this perception. To begin with, their years of struggle are not seen or felt, because they shine onscreen, however they've gone through hundreds of auditions and rejections, which are very demoralising. In spite of this they continue to reignite their passion and push their talent to improve and improvise, till one fine day, they get a project that brings them into the limelight. The journey gets tougher, not easier, as now they need to prove themselves to sustain. The shoots are tough; heat, dust, physical strain and emotional drain add up, as they become the character they play. Some get instant success, some just get noticed, some go into oblivion, but for each the struggle continues on equal footing, because success does not guarantee a lifetime reward and failure doesn't mean that their career is over. Kudos to actors whose inner strength and resolve to remain grounded and be a constant learner helps them live their characters onscreen and be loved by millions…''

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